Check out what parents, teachers, pediatricians, and tween girls have to say about why they love DG.

From Professionals

“[Discovery Girls is] a magazine for tweens that is age-appropriate and filled with wisdom! It acknowledges the unique challenges of these years, gives advice from tweens to tweens, and offers ideas on how to bounce back from embarrassments and disappointments….I am thrilled by your commitment to letting girls be girls and to building their resilience.”

—Ken Ginsburg, MD,
author of A Parent's Guide to Building Resilience in Your Children and Teens

“As a subscriber for over eight years, I can confidently recommend Discovery Girls. It features girls of varying shapes, sizes, and cultures selected from their readership—not professional models! I have kept this magazine in my office for many years, recommending it to my patients without hesitation.”

—Lisa C. Tumarkin, MD

“I am a media specialist at a public school….It is so nice to see a magazine where girls are presented in wholesome, age-appropriate images….Discovery Girls is packed with appealing topics, and the layout is vivid and attractive. If you are concerned about content and role models for girls, then this is the magazine you've been waiting for.”

—T. Hall
Muldrow, Oklahoma

From Parents:

I am so pleased to have discovered your magazine! Your magazine offers real perspective on friendships and relationships. It feels and sounds sincere. The stories written by girls do seem truly written by girls themselves. Thanks for creating a magazine that [my 9-year-old daughter] can understand, relate to and enjoy.

—Angie Thaxton

“[My 9-year-old daughter ] has been reading DG magazine for about a year now. We have fun flipping through the pages together. Today's girls have so many different sides to them—funny, smart, stylish, committed to their family and community and more… .I love the way DG addresses all of these wonderful things that make our girls who they are. Keep up the good work!”

—Kim [via yahoo.com]

“My 10-year-old just received two of your magazines. I read it first to see if it was appropriate for her and I am happy to say that it was! [She] shared the magazine with her older sister and they both loved it, especially the quizzes, contests, pet pages, advice column, and the girls featured.”

—Theresa, Philadelphia, PA

Discovery Girls helps girls to be happy about how they look and also to feel good about themselves. I think every mother and daughter all over the world should read this magazine. It is 100% pure good!”

—Gina Gerver, New York

“My 10-year-old daughter loves your magazine! As a former middle school principal, I commend you for your efforts in helping girls discover and appreciate what makes them unique. I think parents should read each Discovery Girls issue along with their daughters. The shared experience will help us all understand the changing world in which our daughters must grow up.”

—Patricia Sturdivant
Sugar Land, Texas

“My 11-year-old daughter has been a subscriber for about 1½ years and absolutely adores Discovery Girls. She reads it cover to cover the day it arrives in the mail. As a parent, I like it because it is completely appropriate for the tween girl….It's nice for girls who are beginning to worry about body image to see normal girls just like them in the pages of a national magazine.”

—Subscriber mom
Round Rock, Texas

From Girls

Discovery Girls helps me because I used to feel that I was different and that no one felt the same as me. Now I know that not only do other people have the same problems, but they also have found great solutions. Thank you!”

—Carissa, age 12, CA

“I love Discovery Girls magazine. It has great advice and no celebrity gossip. I also love how you use regular girls in the magazine; it makes me feel more confident because they're normal girls like I am!”

—Hailey, age 12, IN

“I've been a subscriber to DG for three whole years, and the issues get better every time! I love how it's real girls like me being featured in the magazine…[and] how you focus on what really matters!”

—Katey, age 12, TN

“I love DG so much! My favorite part about it is that the girls in it are regular kids. I love that kids everywhere can contribute and get that special feeling you get when you realize what you wrote is in a magazine!”

—Yasmin, age 11, CA

Discovery Girls, I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life forever! I used to be a really shy girl and only my closest friends knew the real me. Thanks to DG, I've become a more outgoing, confident girl! I'm not afraid to be me and that's helped me make new friends! Thank you so much!

—Serena, age 10, CA

“The moment I read Discovery Girls, I instantly fell in love with it! I told mymom about it and asked if I could subscribe and she did! I get so excited whenever a new issue comes and read it like 100 times. I love everything in Discovery Girls!”

—Natasha, age 12,CA

“DG has played a major role in helping me become a more confident person. It has helped me learn how to make new friends and overcome peer pressure. One of the major articles [that helped me] was ‘Don't Let Your Confidence Shrink' in the 2012 April/May issue.”

—Joni, age 12, BC

“I love everything about your magazine: the quizzes, and all the help dealing with parents and friends—I think they're all really cool!”

–Abby, age 11, West Virginia

“As part of our ‘preparing to be a teen' badge we compared [Discovery Girls] to a pop magazine and American Girl. Your magazine was rated best on all counts.”

–Girl Scouts Troop 802
San Carlos, CA

Discovery Girls is what gets me through all my life problems. If I'm having a bad day, to cheer myself up I just sit down with an issue of DG and I feel much better. I also wanted to thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for the readers of DG.”

–Sarina, age 10, Ontario

“I just wanted to let you know what an amazing thing Discovery Girls is….I went through all the typical middle school dramas and then I would read my latest DG issue and find some great advice relating to whatever problem I was having….I tried everything you ever suggested and it always worked. I just wanted to thank you so much….My life would probably be completely different if I hadn't had you guys.”

—Ijana, age 16