School Uniforms

Are school uniforms a good idea? Read what other girls had to say, then share your opinion!

I think that you shouldn't have to wear a school uniform because everybody has a different style, and one way kids show their style is through clothes. Sometimes your clothes can show your emotions and expression. I've heard that sometimes uniforms make you feel equal, but they can also make you feel less independent because your clothes are just like everyone else's. And you should be happy that you are different!
Maryam, age 9, Va.

My school went to uniforms three years ago. At first I didn't like the idea of the school telling me what I could wear. After we started wearing them, though, I noticed that more people were becoming friends based on who they were inside, not on what outfit they had on. We have plenty of chances outside of school to wear whatever clothes we want, if that's how a person expresses herself. Wearing uniforms ends some of the peer pressure—one of the many worries we have to face. I think they are a good idea.
Katie, age 11, Ky.

I think uniforms are not a good idea because how someone dresses shows what kind of person they are. And if the uniforms require girls to wear skirts, they're usually too short! What if the girl is a tomboy who hates skirts, and the colors are disgusting? People should have choices!
Ashley, age 13, Wis.

Yes! I think that school uniforms are a very good idea. They prevent people from being teased or made fun of. Clothes shouldn't matter so much, but even though we all know that, we can still be mean a lot of the time. I think if schools had uniforms, it might help prevent hurt feelings. My school is thinking about getting uniforms right now, and lots of kids think they're ugly and don't want them. But I secretly like them. Shhh! Don't tell!
Abby, age 13, Pa.


Those things are banned in school, so you can't really say that.

i agree with discoverygirl1998

I definatly don't think school uniforms should be required. Clothing is how some kids express themselves and I'm one of those kids. My style tells you that I'm sporty and causual. Your style could show things about that people never knew, like maybe playing music if you wore tons of tee shirts with guitars on them.

I think that you should have to where shirts that cover the shoulders and pants (or skirts) that go down to your knees. No name name brands so you're not labeled. You wouldn't believe how many times I get made fun of for my style (or lack their of). Sort of like what you would where to work at an office.

i used to have to wear school uniforms and trust me its horrible you cant express your own style when you look like everybody else!

I think deciding on what you wear brings out your personality and spirit. School uniforms limit girls to their own self and expression!

i totally agree with you people need to express their selfs

I don't think girls should wear uniforms because you need to express your self and some people LOVE to talk about eachother's clothes. Girls like that will have nothing to talk about.

I think wearing whatever you want (of course with some boundaries) is the best thing. Wearing what suits you and your most comfortable with is inportant!

Some girls in my class wanted to be out of uniform but later somes regret it.

I think school uniforms are a great idea! You wouldn't have to worry about what to wear or how it looks because everyone would be wearing the same oufit! So I say schools should have uniforms!

I agree. I mean then no one can bully the way you dress or they would bully themselves!

It's a great idea, as long as uniforms are cute and sweet

That uniform in the photo is like ours! and I love it.

I don't think that uniforms are a great idea. You get something on it one day and then you have to wash it that night. What if it is not ready that next morning? What will you wear to school that day? I personally think it is easier to just put on jeans and a t-shirt or a long sleeved shirt and a sweater. Why waste the time making the uniform when half the kids will not even wear it?????

I REALLY don't think uniforms are a good idea,because people have been teaching us kids/teens to be unique our whole lives. If everybody at your school is wearing the same boring and lame outfit,it is ALOT harder to express yourself. Trust me, I know because my old school had uniforms.

I'm in between on this. I think it makes those hoochie girls seem the same as everyone else but I like to express my style through what I wear! I think it's an ok idea but not the best.

I definetly agree with Katie, we should see people on what they are on the inside!

I say yes and no. If you have school uniforms than it prevents kids from wearing clothes with bad pictures or bad words on them. Then again, if you don`t have school uniforms then it enables kids to wear what they want because that`s how alot of kids express themselves.

i think uniforms are a bad idea. They don't let you express yourself at all! I would never survive not being able to wear aeropastle clothes!

I alwaysed wanted a school uniform but my school has no dress code! uniforms are so cute and i would totally wear one if they offered it to me!!!!!

I think both are "okay". Uniforms because what if a really poor girl was in your class and her mom couldn't afford to buy her Justice clothes and Claire's headbands and a bunch of shoes and skirts and all that? With uniforms she wouldn't be made fun of. No uniforms because you can't really express your true style unless you decorate your school supplies...but only you see your school supplies, not others. So I say no uniforms because I'm not poor. Not to brag. Well, I'm not rich either. I'm average, like most of you.

I don't like to be picked on just because I don't shop at Justice, Aero, or any other of the "richie" stores. I'm not poor, but I'm average. Plus, I go to a private school, meaning more money goes to that. On top of that, I don't get allowance, so overall, I only get money for special occaisions, or when I babysit. But I also luv to express myself with the clothes that I have! I'm going back and forth for this one.

Thanks, harrypotterfan87! I don't shop at Justice that much either, even though I love it. Another thing I want to add is that no uniforms make peer pressure go partly away. Let me know what you think about that! You go!

Girls need to realize that you need to be an individual, and you need to let the world know who you are. Girls and boys don't have any freedom in what they wear, and tat should be a right. There are limits and if you break them there will be consequenses, that should be your responsibility.

just a couple of days ago i had a project about this and thats exactly what i said

omg so true <3 thnx so much for saying this ur right! like there should be limits to whats appropriate but we should have the freedom to choose what we wear each day

I totally agree with you!

I totally agree with you!

I said the same thing! Everyone is an individual, and your clothes help express your personality!

You are sooo right!

I think school uniforms are a good idea. Wearing the school uniform helps others identify which school you are from. To some girls it may be stupid, but to me, it helps prevent bullying. Girls are constantly picked on about their clothes, and probably after girls start wearing uniforms, the bullying will stop as everybody will be wearing the same thing! In conclusion, yes, I do think school uniforms are a good idea.

I think that school uniforms are a good idea because some people judge if someone is poor or not through peoples clothes.

I tink uniforms could be a great idea! Everyone would be treated equally! Then again, clothes are how can show your real style!

Exactly what I was going to say:D

People can make fun of what you wear but when you wear a uniform them everyone is wearing the same thing. When you wear your own clothes then you will look different from everyone else. Then again, you have rules to follow.

No because then you don't get to show your style.But yes because then you will look orginized.So I think yes and no.

I think school uniforms are usually a good idea, because then everyone is wearing something appropriate and people can't judge others by their clothes. The only time I really think that no is the answer is when uniforms are a little too strict, or uncomfortable. And sometimes you just need to show your style!

I have to say no, because we should be able to express ourselves and our style.

I think you are SO right... You should never have to wear those. Express yourself! You have beautiful things, but you can't express yourself!

glam your supplies! get gel pens! stickers! decals! pens! markers! go girl!

Because i think people should express their selfs with their clothes. Clothes say how they are and if you wear a uniform you can't express yourself

Kids shouldn't have to wear uniforms to school because your personality is the way you dress and its a way to express yourself! But it can also be a better thing to wear them because kids who can't afford clothes won't get bullied.

My school has uniforms and I hate them. In winter the kilts are freezing and there is nothing we can do about it. I think the students should vote on whether or not we have uniforms. I, personally would like no uniforms. I like my originality, and I never get a chance to show my friends my style, or the clothes my parents spend money on. They even make you spend a lot of money on the uniforms they force you to wear. ~~~Watch Daneboe on YouTube. <3 bunnies

I don't think that you should wear uniforms (not to mention you won't wash them for five days) If you get to choose what you decide to wear, that could express your feelings, and the way you like to dress. So that's what i think.

Think again about what represents girls, my friends. Nail polish, makeup and of course making OUR own signature style! Nobody can take away a girl's style!!! But then again, boys don't have that much enthusiasm for making an outfit...

girls usually have to wear skirts when you have a school uniform and I dislike skirts so i personally would be really upset if my school had a school uniform

I personally think NO uniforms, because clothes reflect on your style, and when you get new clothes, you want to wear them! Uniforms take away the diversity of middle school kids.

I think school uniforms are not a good idea because everyone likes something different. Also different things are comfortable to different people. I have to have things perfectly comfortable or else I won't wear them.

i think uniforms are a bad idea because you have to wear it every day and you cant express yourself through it


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