School Uniforms

Are school uniforms a good idea? Read what other girls had to say, then share your opinion!

I think that you shouldn't have to wear a school uniform because everybody has a different style, and one way kids show their style is through clothes. Sometimes your clothes can show your emotions and expression. I've heard that sometimes uniforms make you feel equal, but they can also make you feel less independent because your clothes are just like everyone else's. And you should be happy that you are different!
Maryam, age 9, Va.

My school went to uniforms three years ago. At first I didn't like the idea of the school telling me what I could wear. After we started wearing them, though, I noticed that more people were becoming friends based on who they were inside, not on what outfit they had on. We have plenty of chances outside of school to wear whatever clothes we want, if that's how a person expresses herself. Wearing uniforms ends some of the peer pressure—one of the many worries we have to face. I think they are a good idea.
Katie, age 11, Ky.

I think uniforms are not a good idea because how someone dresses shows what kind of person they are. And if the uniforms require girls to wear skirts, they're usually too short! What if the girl is a tomboy who hates skirts, and the colors are disgusting? People should have choices!
Ashley, age 13, Wis.

Yes! I think that school uniforms are a very good idea. They prevent people from being teased or made fun of. Clothes shouldn't matter so much, but even though we all know that, we can still be mean a lot of the time. I think if schools had uniforms, it might help prevent hurt feelings. My school is thinking about getting uniforms right now, and lots of kids think they're ugly and don't want them. But I secretly like them. Shhh! Don't tell!
Abby, age 13, Pa.


Well, it can be good, and it can be bad. Clothes can make you feel good, but when people who don't have all the 'styles' they feel left out.

well i think that uniforms may be expensive and that kids need to show off their creativity, but on the other hand uniforms stops all the problems with not having 'cool' clothes...

i think school uniforms are a good idea because they usually are pretty cute and no one can really make fun of you because of what you wear

yah that's totally true! My school uses school uniforms and it's kind of easier then having to use ur regular clothes because say in the middle of the year you've worn all your cute outfits and wear them again, people would probobly say outfit repeater! LOL

Yeah. that happens a lot and then you don't have to spend so much time in the morning decideing what to wear. You also judged by what clothes you wear, but if you all wear a uniform you can't get teased for your clothes.


I dont really care. Next year im going to middle school at this academy and you have to wear a uniform. I sorta like the idea of them...

yeah you can also add a cute headband or even a colorful pair of shoes.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at my school we wear these adorable khaki skirts and navy blue polo shirts. i like them because nobody couldmake fun of you because you dont shop at the cool stores or like the same stuff

I agree! Uniforms help you! Instead of spending thirty minutes picking out your outfit in the morning, you can change into your school uniform and then be early for school. You can usually wear your hair any way you want and wear your accesories. And school uniforms don't always even look all that bad!

I am so with you sister!

me 2! i have 2 wear them and they are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

school uniforms are not cool i mean we should be able to wear cool stuff not suits and stuff like that. i mean sure a 2 inch width in the sleeves of tanks and like no belly shirts.


It really depends on the school uniform if there as cute as the one in the picture then rock on, but ones like mine red sweater, white turtle neck,and navy blue skirt below knee, sooooooooooooo barfworthey!!!!!

i agree lol

My school has unis for primary (but now im in 6th grade) and I hated it

i don't think we should have school uniforms because your clothes express your style and if everybody wears the same thing then nobody can express themselves through their clothing

yea i agree becouse if you ave uniforms you dont have to decide what to were everyday

im totally with u!

sure in the morning u might spend some extra time picking out what u r gonna wear that day. but for me clothes help me express my style. if everyone wears the same things.......well its just boring. peoples styles should be theirs to choose NOT the schools!

i think youre right dragongirl school uniforms keep you from expressing yourself it doesnt alow you to think outside the box it teaches kids not to be creative schools shouldnt be allowed to tell you what to wear!

It's important to be able to express yourself. School uniforms make everyone look the same. It's important to be able to express yourself

actually they can still tease you by what your wearing bcuz your shirts may be to small or big or even see though and your skirt could be to short p.s. bcuz its this boy in my class he has a hole in one pair of his shorts and its big so you can tell if he wears them over and over i dnt care if any body talks about him bcuz he's a bully, and my bestie use to wear see through shirtss

The thing that most people get teased about is their clothes! and besides. ya know you can still add your own little sparkle to the uniform. imbombliketiktik, girl I totes agree!!

I agree as long as u can wear cool headbands and stuff

I agree!

Hey! Why are you so determined? No one is forcing you to wear school uniforms! However, I think school uniforms are a VERY good idea. You won't have to compare the colors, quality, or brands of your clothes. You can wear cute accesories like headbands, jewerly, pins, and more! There will be WAY less competition, too.

you can't express yourself that way let them be happy with what they're wearing! ;]

Well, maybe you could be allowed to wear knee hi sock or something. It depends.

thats what I'm saying! has any one here ever been a Discovery Girl? I never have. I really want to though!

ive been va dg girl!!!! (not including washington dc) i really think uniforms are a bad idea. some people choose their friends on wat clothes you wear. but people base their personalities on wat clothes that THEY wear. im not saying ppl should go around choosing friends off their clothes, but the clothes you wear do reflect your personality, most of the time.

Btw there are other was to express your self not just clothes people!! At my school I have had to were uniformes since kindergarten and we get to express our selfs throuh art and how we treat others and writing earings and etc. Clothes for some people become a barrier to there true self but the uniformes help you see someone for who they really are. Uniforms are a great idea!

I dont think people should wear a uniform. I think they should express their style their OWN way.

Uniforms are a great way to learn to be respectful and so people don't wear bad things to school!

u r soooo rite! peeps say "dont judge a book by it's cover" but that is not completely true! how can a totally creative girl express herself in cack-y!

i also think that peeps wouldnt break the dress code at skool!

I dont think uniforms are a good idea and first of all a lot of people cant afford them and we need to be able to express ourselves. I even feel like were in military school in P.E. and all have the same outfits. The only good thing is that some people wouldn't have to worry about figuring out what to wear. Some people may not like the uniforms because they may not feel comfortable with what they have to wear and isn't there style

And also wouldn't you have to wash them all the time. I wouldn't want to have to or like end up wearing clothes that haven't been washed after being worn for 3 days

You are right but, wouldn't YOU feel bad if everyone else had the cutest outfits and you had to wear a t-shirt and jeans? People get picked at because they look "ugly" Just a thought. ~i_read~

I think schools should not have uniforms (they're ugly!) but they shouldn't let kids wear ANYTHING they want. With a dress code, the kids will wear modest clothes but they can still show their personality and style.

I used to love wearing uniforms in elementary, but now I'm going into highschool, I'm glad I only have a dress code!

My school uniforms are very expensive, and when you already have to pay tuition, it can cost a lot of money. We even have to wear Mary Janes, which usually run at $50. So our parents must buy three sets of clothes: one for church, one for school, and one for after school. And all that talk of uniforms bringing equality and cutting down on peer pressure is silly! A girl can still be teased for her hair, the gadgets she uses, if she wears make-up, having glasses, braces , or zits, her grades, etc. And girls are still pressured to grow up faster or be more athletic or wear makeup....... Uniforms are often unnecessary expenses. PS: I do, however, believe that dress codes should always be established, and if the school is having problems with the way students dress, an idea for uniforms should not be discarded.

With school uniforms your can't be an individual and speak for yourslef because everyone looks the same.Everyone wants to be unique but you can't do that with uniforms.

but i wear what i like! so WHAT if i don't buy those low-cut sweaters and wear em over white shirts? so WHAT if i don't shop at kohls or justice or JC penneys or old navey or gap? i am what i am and i wear what i wear!

your so right, i dont care either what people think of what i wear. i like wearing it and im not gonna change it.

do you really like mew mew power? cuz so do I!

To be honest i think that school uniforms should we only worn by the ones who want to wear them. If you are in a middle school or high school you would know that when you were younger that you always went out shopping with your mom for new school clothes and if you HAVE to wear a uniform then whats the point of going shopping for school clothes. Okay so you get my point. But most people I know would want to let their personality shine through and wear the clothes they want to wear. I think it would make people feel better. And since everyone wears the same thing everyday then it just gets boring and thats not what school is about!!

Some people like to express themselves but others want less stress deciding what to wear. If you got to chose, everyone would be happy and there would be less conflict.

Unirorms make everybody the same which is good. Yea we have dress codes but kids break the dress codes all the time. And it is easier on the teachers parents and the students. It is easier because students won't have to worry about getting made fun of because of what they wear everybody will be wearing the same thing.


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