School Uniforms

Are school uniforms a good idea? Read what other girls had to say, then share your opinion!

I think that you shouldn't have to wear a school uniform because everybody has a different style, and one way kids show their style is through clothes. Sometimes your clothes can show your emotions and expression. I've heard that sometimes uniforms make you feel equal, but they can also make you feel less independent because your clothes are just like everyone else's. And you should be happy that you are different!
Maryam, age 9, Va.

My school went to uniforms three years ago. At first I didn't like the idea of the school telling me what I could wear. After we started wearing them, though, I noticed that more people were becoming friends based on who they were inside, not on what outfit they had on. We have plenty of chances outside of school to wear whatever clothes we want, if that's how a person expresses herself. Wearing uniforms ends some of the peer pressure—one of the many worries we have to face. I think they are a good idea.
Katie, age 11, Ky.

I think uniforms are not a good idea because how someone dresses shows what kind of person they are. And if the uniforms require girls to wear skirts, they're usually too short! What if the girl is a tomboy who hates skirts, and the colors are disgusting? People should have choices!
Ashley, age 13, Wis.

Yes! I think that school uniforms are a very good idea. They prevent people from being teased or made fun of. Clothes shouldn't matter so much, but even though we all know that, we can still be mean a lot of the time. I think if schools had uniforms, it might help prevent hurt feelings. My school is thinking about getting uniforms right now, and lots of kids think they're ugly and don't want them. But I secretly like them. Shhh! Don't tell!
Abby, age 13, Pa.