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Discovery Girls is the only magazine that inspires your special girl to grow more confident and resilient and to believe in herself. It gives girls ages 8 and up the advice, encouragement, and inspiration they need to get through those difficult preteen years.

A magazine created by girls, for girls, it’s a forum for girls to help each other with tough issues like being rejected, not fitting in, and feeling pressured to be perfect.

Each issue features real girls, dealing with real-life situations. Girls share their stories, opinions, and advice to help your tween girl know that she is not alone. Plus there are tons of fun, age-appropriate articles, quizzes, contests, embarrassing moments, fashion and lots more.

Discovery Girls® magazine is a multi-year winner of  iParenting Awards. and a winner of NAPPA Gold and Mom's Choice Gold awards.

Discovery Girls
The editors at Discovery Girls have produced five books packed with real-world, practical advice and stories to help girls build the confidence and resilience they need to handle those difficult tween years.

The real-life advice and strategies in each book will help your tween girl successfully deal with family and friendship troubles, embarrassing moments, body issues, school pressures, and much more. She will learn how to overcome disappointment, seek the right kind of help, and have a positive self-image. Best of all, she’ll feel empowered and know that she is not alone.

The best guides you’ll find for navigating the tween years!