BY Jhein330 | Posted: Friday, July 12, 2013 03:42 PM

10-year-old Katie Heinrich, of St. Charles, and 11-year-old Gabrielle Davis, of Ballwin

The girls were selected, out of 8,000 applicants from across North America, as two of only 36 girls to participate in the upcoming inaugural Discovery Girls Tween Summit, and will be featured in future issues of Discovery Girls magazine (readership: 1 Million).  Katie and Gabrielle were the only girls selected from the greater St. Louis area. 

Both girls were notified in late May that they earned a spot at the summit, which takes place July 20-26, 2013.

WHERE: San Francisco Bay Area (Northern California)

WHY: Their perspectives and attitudes about issues facing today’s tween-age girls make them ideal candidates for the event.

HOW: Their written responses to the 12-question summit application demonstrate the leadership, compassion, determination and enthusiasm of Discovery Girls.

About Discovery Girls:

Unable to find an age-appropriate magazine for her 8-year-old daughter, determined mother Catherine Lee gathered a group of young girls together in her living room 13 years ago to launch Discovery Girls, the only national magazine created by and for girls ages 8 and up.

Today, Discovery Girls maintains its focus on real girls (not models or celebrities), and is now read by more than one million girls around the world.  Readers are featured on the cover and throughout each issue, and act as the editorial board—writing articles, suggesting story ideas, and shaping every aspect of the bi-monthly magazine (annual subscription price: $19.95 US).  

Discovery Girls offers encouragement, advice and inspiration to guide girls through their difficult preteen (or “tween”) years.  Expanding its offerings to include books and apps, the Los Altos, California-based company (Discovery Girls, Inc.) empowers girls and serves as a valued resource for parents, offering them a window into what their daughters are thinking and feeling. 

About the Discovery Girls Tween Summit:

Discovery Girls is hosting its first tween summit as a way to bring together readers from across the US and Canada to engage in open, solution-oriented discussions about the obstacles and pressures girls face in school, in society, and at home.

“The goal of the summit, and of Discovery Girls in general, is to build confidence and resilience in young girls,” says Catherine Lee, Discovery Girls founder and CEO.  “If girls develop a healthy self-image during their preteen years, they are more likely to grow into independent women and to make better choices as teens and adults.”

Through workshops and activities, summit participants will explore topics including body image, bullying (in-person and online), technology and social skills, plus pressures to date and grow up too fast.  They will write articles about their personal and shared experiences in these areas, as well as offer advice on positive and productive ways to handle tough times.  Their stories will be published in future issues of Discovery Girls, so girls all over the world can be encouraged and benefit from the wisdom and lessons exchanged at the summit.

"We want girls to know they're not alone in their struggles,” explains Lee, “and they can help each other overcome their greatest challenges."