Mia and Rachel Share Their Girl Power Advice

Sisters Mia (13) and Rachel (11) Hamaker were chosen out of thousands of girls in the USA to take part in the Discovery Girls Tween Summit. There they discussed things like body image, bullying, technology, and the pressures to grow up too fast.

We spoke to the girls about their experiences, girl power AND grabbed some great advice for GIRL:IT members who might be going through tough times.

What did you talk about at the summit? Mia: We talked about bullying and how to prevent it, what goes through a girl’s mind, and why we feel like we don’t need adults help with it, and things like that. We also shared our own experiences and learned from each other. Rachel: My group mainly talked about technology and how girls use it. We talked about things like the overuse of it and good and bad uses of it.

What do you think are the biggest issues facing girls today? Mia: Basically, girls are being put under a lot of pressure. They are pressured to grow up too fast, to get a boyfriend, to be the same as everyone else.

What’s your advice for girls who are being bullied? Rachel: Ignore it! The one thing you always have to remember about what bullies say is that IT’S NOT TRUE! They are so insecure that they have to draw attention to other people in mean ways to build themselves up.

What about your advice for girls who don’t like the way they look? Mia: Find the features you like the best about you and focus on them. You have beautiful eyes, or a cute little nose, or adorable freckles. There are some things that you can’t change about yourself, and like it or not, you’re stuck with them, so you need to learn to love them! All girls are absolutely beautiful and you just need to remember that!! Remember: every girl is different, so there can’t only be one kind of beautiful!

Why is it important for girls to be leaders?

Mia: It is SUPER important for girls to be leaders because leading others to do and be great makes your own self-confidence SKY ROCKET! If you know that girls from EVERYWHERE look up to you, then you will need to live up to what they believe you to be! It is a GREAT thing to be a leader, because people look up to you and say “Hey, I want to do that, too!” and they follow in your footsteps!

Do you have a girl power motto? Rachel: I know it, I live it, I love it.

Your message for GIRL:IT girls? Rachel: Always believe in yourself. Never believe the comments of a mean girl. You are beautiful.