Discovery Girls Magazine for Tweens

Discovery Girls magazine is geared towards the tween girls in our lives- girls ages 8-12, and what’s most refreshing about this magazine is that the magazine showcases real girls – each issue features girls from all over the US.  The content is appropriate for an 8-12 year old girl, and speaks to issues, questions, concerns, fears and thoughts tween girls can and do have- from their perspective.

The fact that girls themselves create and appear in each issue makes Discovery Girls stand out from the pack of magazines and other mass media products aimed at “tweens.” It communicates right away that real girls–not professional models, actresses or celebrities–are what this magazine is all about. Girls with the same real problems, concerns, dreams and aspirations as our readers. Discovery Girls is all about helping girls, encouraging them to believe in themselves just as they are. Our goal is to help them grow and develop, forming a positive sense of self through solutions that build confidence, resilience and independence.

I don’t have a tween- my oldest isn’t quite 6. My friend Lisa does have a tween, and she readily agreed to check out this magazine for me. Her response was very

enthusiastic- she was so happy to discover a magazine that does a good job and creating content appropriate for a young girl that isn’t too babyish, and isn’t too adult-like. She’s thrilled her daughter enjoys it, which makes it a hit in her book! The website for Discovery Girls Magazine is pretty fun in and of itself- you can sign up to be IN the magazine, you can meet the girls featured in the current issue, take quizzes, play games, find giveaways and more.  The health & beauty section offers tips, suggestions and even fun hair styling ideas for your tween to check out- in a safe environment.

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, June 28th (today) marks the release of the Collector’s Edition of Discovery Girls.  This is a huge compilation of the best content for the past 10 years plus special features, all in one place. In addition to the magazine itself, Discovery Girls offers the Fab Girls book set: The middle school years—and the growing pains and social turmoil that come along with them—can be one of the most difficult times in a girl’s life. Many tween girls depend on friends and family to provide guidance and support, but no one has all the answers all the time. That’s why we created the Discovery Girls Fab Girls Guide book series—to give tweens easy access to simple, practical advice that will help them survive middle school and emerge stronger, more confident, and more resilient.  

In Friendship Hardship, girls find out how to deal with problems in their friendships, and how to make—and keep—true friends.

Sticky Situations is all about the secrets to dealing with more than 70 of life’s trickier moments.

In Getting Your Questions Answered, girls get advice on school, boys, family, friends, and more from Discovery Girls’ popular columnist, Ali.

And in Getting Through Tough Times, they read inspiring true stories written by real girls just like themselves.

It’s so nice to know there are quality publications for girls that have such wholesome, yet real content for girls.  I’m definitely keeping this on my list for when my Busy girl gets into her Tween years (which doesn’t seem like it could be possible but she is almost 6!!).  It’ll also be something I keep in mind for any tween girl we know for birthdays or holiday gifts.  Kids love getting mail, so why not let them get mail that’s wholesome and fun at the same time?


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