Among the most talented: Selected for Tween Summit

Eleven-year-old Gabrielle Davis, of Ballwin, was among 36 girls in North America chosen to participate in the upcoming inaugural Discovery GirlsTween Summit and will be featured in future issues of Discovery Girlsmagazine.

The magazine is hosting its first Tween Summit as a way to bring together readers from across the U.S. and Canada to engage in open, solution-oriented discussions about the obstacles and pressures girls face in school, in society and at home.

“The goal of the summit and of Discovery Girls in general is to build confidence and resilience in young girls,” said Catherine Lee, Discovery Girls founder and CEO. “If girls develop a healthy self-image during their preteen years, they are more likely to grow into independent women and to make better choices as teens and adults.”

Through workshops and activities, summit participants will explore topics including body image, bullying (in-person and online), technology and social skills, plus pressures to date and grow up too fast. They will write articles about their personal and shared experiences in these areas, as well as offer advice on positive and productive ways to handle tough times. Their stories will be published in future issues ofDiscovery Girls so that girls all over the world can be encouraged and benefit from the wisdom and lessons exchanged at the summit.

“We want girls to know they’re not alone in their struggles,” Lee said, “and they can help each other overcome their greatest challenges.”