7th Grader on magazine cover

Fort Wayne 7th Grader on the cover of Discovery Girls magazine.


When Tahlia Lehmann, 12, found out she would be on the cover of the February-March issue of Discovery Girls, an international magazine with a circulation of 1 million, she screamed and jumped up and down.

Well, who wouldn’t?

The Maple Creek Middle School seventh-grader wasn’t expecting any of this kind of coverage when she filled out an application last year for the magazine’s second annual summit in Monterey, California.

The 12-question questionnaire took her three months to complete, and she did it all by herself, she said. Discovery Girls was looking for candidates who could demonstrate leadership, compassion and determination, according to the magazine’s news release.

At the summit last August, Tahlia met 35 other young girls and they talked into the night. “We did photo shoots and had a lot of conversations. They asked us questions for part of their articles, and we had a lot of discussions,” she recalled.

When she found out she’d be on the cover with another girl, it was her friend from the summit who texted her to let her know.

A straight-A student, Tahlia said her favorite subject is art, but it really depends on the teacher. She sings in the show choir and writes a blog – eye-4-design.blogspot.com – on craft- and fashion-related topics.

Paper is her favorite craft medium, and at one time, she had a business crafting greeting cards, said her mother, Lisa, who is a goldsmith by trade. Her father, Jonathan, is a musician and the worship leader at Brookside Church in Fort Wayne.

“There’s a lot of art in my family,” Tahlia said, “but I was the only one who got into fashion.”

She says she’d like to be a fashion designer. She hesitated to pin down her own style, saying that she’s a big online shopper and that what she likes is “kind of random. I pick anything I like, things I enjoy and think are me.”

Perhaps what swayed the magazine was a comment Tahlia made in her interview about fashion and other people. “She loves all things glittery and sparkly. To her, great clothes are a confidence-booster that shows girls they don’t have to fit a ‘style-mode’ but can embrace (and love) their true selves,” the magazine said.

“I make people feel good about themselves when they’re around me,” she is quoted as saying. “It makes me smile to know that I have made them happy.”

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