Letter From the Founder

A Message From the Creator of Discovery Girls Magazine:

It’s tough being a girl today.

Girls are going through so many changes—in their bodies, at school, with friends—it’s no wonder that they sometimes feel overwhelmed.

Actually, it was tough being a girl when I was a preteen, too. By most standards, I was pretty well-adjusted and happy. And yet, what I remember most about those years is how alone I felt. Of course, as I got older I realized that I hadn’t really been alone at all—that most girls went through the very same things I did.

Several years ago my daughter was approaching her tween years, so I went looking for a magazine that would connect her to other girls. I thought a magazine that dealt with all the issues girls go through would help make her tween years a little easier than mine. But to my surprise, I couldn’t find one. The magazine I wanted didn’t exist.

That’s how Discovery Girls was born. I’d never even thought about publishing a magazine before, but before another year had passed, I had quit my job, hired a talented staff, and put together a mission statement that summed up everything I wanted to do for my daughter and the girls of her generation:

  • To encourage you to love all that you are
  • To further your independence through a belief in your own abilities
  • To guide you through the most difficult of times
  • To excite you with choices you never knew you had
  • To give you a voice

We asked 12 local girls to work with us on that first issue. I knew they’d keep it real—and did they ever! Their ideas and insights shaped every single page. Working with them was such a positive, inspiring experience that I knew we needed girls to be just as involved in every issue. If you’ve seen the magazine, you may know that we used to visit a different state for each issue to work with 12 girls who became our Discovery Girls for that issue. In 2013, we started something new: We held a 4-day Summit in California that was attended by 36 girls from all over the country and Canada. These girls will be our Discovery Girls for 2014. At the Summit, they did everything our Discovery Girls have traditionally done: They modeled for us, wrote articles, and brainstormed ideas. Even more important, they shared ideas and advice about the issues that most affect girls’ lives today—things like bullying, technology and its effect on social skills, and having a positive body image. You’ll see the results of these workshops in our issues over the next year. 

Over the years, Discovery Girls has grown from a struggling start-up to a magazine that’s read by more than half a million girls each issue. It’s been an amazing journey, and I feel grateful to have shared it with so many wonderful girls—girls who have generously shared their experiences, shown true caring for other girls, and inspired us to keep going through our most difficult times.

Remember, you’re not alone!

Catherine Lee


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