We recently held our 2016 Girls' Leadership Summit, so we are not accepting new applications at this time. In the meantime, you can read up on the Summit application process below. And keep an eye on this page and the magazine—we’ll make a big announcement when we’re accepting applications again.

You Too Can be in Discovery Girls!

You Too Can be in Discovery Girls

We choose readers—just like you!—to help us put together each issue of Discovery Girls. These special “Discovery Girls” attend our annual Girls' Leadership Summit, model clothes and hairstyles, write stories, and help come up with great ideas for the magazine.

Each year, we select 36 girls from around the United States and Canada to attend a 3-day Girls' Leadership Summit in California. They discuss issues that matter to tween girls, attend photo shoots, work with our editors to brainstorm ideas for the magazine…and have tons of fun, too!

Missed your chance to apply for the 2015 Summit? NO WORRIES-There are many other ways to be part of Discovery Girls in addition to the summit. Click here to find out how!

Frequently asked questions on becoming a Discovery Girl

What is a Discovery Girl?

We consider all of our readers “Discovery Girls”—girls who are curious, strong, and enthusiastic about becoming the very best they can be.  We also feature several girls in each issue of the magazine who are our Discovery Girls for that issue. In the past, we visited a different state for each issue and held a two-day photo shoot, during which our Discovery Girls from that state helped us put together the issue. In 2013, we started holding an annual Girls Leadership Summit. We invite 36 girls to come to California for a 3-day summit to learn leadership skills, discuss issues of importance to tween girls,  attend photo shoots, work with our editors to brainstorm ideas for the magazine—and have tons of fun!

That's right! You no longer have to wait until we're visiting your state to be considered—no matter where you live in the United States or Canada, you can apply! However, we only accept applications to our Girl's Leadership Summit for a few months each year—so be sure to watch the website for updates and announcements!

All girls who live in the United States and Canada who are between the ages of 8 and 12.

The Girl's Leadership Summit is usually held in the San Francisco Bay area. Details on the exact location are sent to the girls who are chosen to attend.

Will I hear from DG if I don't get chosen?

Unfortunately we are not able to contact all the girls who are not chosen, but we do post a notice on the Summit page when all the girls have been notified.