March is our Month of Giveaways!

Our Month of Giveaways has ended! Thanks to everyone who participated! We'll be doing another one soon, so keep checking for an announcement in Discovery Girls magazine! 


Our Month of Giveaways starts March 1st, and runs through midnight on the 31st. Take a look at the items we're giving away below, and make sure to enter everyday to win that specific item.

We'll only be giving away each item on the day it's listed so make sure to enter on that day or you'll miss out! Each giveaway will start at 12 am the day it's listed, and end that same day at midnight. All times are Pacific Standard Time, so plan accordingly.

We'll notify the winners the day after each giveaway has ended, so make sure to check your email!

Anyone can enter, so make sure to let your friends and family know about our Month of Giveaways. Good luck!

March 1 - Win a Maxi Kickboard 

March 2 - Win a Copy of SillyBandz for Nintendo DS

March 3 - Win a Charm It! Bracelet from High IntenCity

March 4 - Win a Custom Wall Graphic from Fathead

March 5 - Win Mogul DJ Style Headphones from iFrogz

March 6 - Win a Set of 8 Books from Scholastic

March 7 - Win a Set of 3 Games for the NintendoDS from Ubisoft

March 8 - Win a Set of 3 Family Games for the Xbox from Hasbro/EA

March 9 - Win a Set of Tween Facial Products from JAFRA

March 10 - Win Shawn Johnson Gymnastics for the Wii

March 11 - Win a Copy of the Evolution of Calpurnia Tate from Macmillan

March 12 - Win a LIV It's My Nature Doll

March 13 - Win a 50th Anniversary Goodie Bag from Sanrio

March 14 - Win a GeoPalz Activity Tracker

March 15 - Win 5 Sets of Whomp! Charmz

March 16 - Win a 4 Book Set from Klutz

March 17 - Win a Cupcake Cuties Set

March 18 - Win a 3-Game set from Mattel

March 19 - Win a uDraw Tablet for the Wii

March 20 - Win a Beanie and Glove set from Skelanimals

March 21 - Win a Celeb Swag Bag from PBteen and AllyKatzz

March 22 - Win a Supergirl T-Shirt Designed and Signed by Gymnast Nastia Liukin

March 23 - Win an Engraved USB Dog Tag from Things Remembered

March 24 - Win a set of Justin Bieber School Supplies from Mead

March 25 - Win Hello Kitty Seasons for the Wii

March 26 - Win Ronin DJ Style Headphones from iFrogz

March 27 - Win a Pair of MOGO Click Flops

March 28 - Win a Charlotte Tarantola Dog Sweater

March 29 - Win a Greenzys Eco-Animal and Book Set

March 30 - Win a 6-Month Animal Jam Membership

March 31 - Win an Xbox 360 & Kinect Bundle


i wanna get the xbox360&kinect bundle!i also wanna win the nintendo ds games!

I just want everything p.s.march i my b-day month the 13 so can i get a something something :) plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL just wish me a happy birth day plz

My B-Day is the 14th! I want the Kickboard and the GeoPalz bad! Plus I love Natashia SO I WANT SUPERGIRL. pEACE

Happy b-day

It would be soooo cool if you won it what a great birthday present!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!! & Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya OMG i didnt win anything but im glad for the ones who did!!:-)

birthtday! my birthdays in december:-(

Happy birthday!!! wish you luck!

I can't wait, I am going to go on every day in March

Omg!!!! Me too! Which prize do you wanna win? I want the 6 month membership to animal jam. Wait a sec. If you wanted one prize you would have to go on to that day, the day your prize is listed. right? do you wanna win all the prizes? I kinda don't. some stuff i can't use, like wii stuff. i don't have a wii

Ill do the same good luck!

im so excited i want the xbox and the drawing for the wii and a few more. good luck to everyone. please comment on what i wrote

i totally want the xbox or the really cute backpack!!! good luck to everyone!!!

i totally want the xbox or the really cute backpack!!! good luck to everyone!!!

my b-day is march 18 so i really want to win a prize wish me luck and a happy b-day!

Good luck! March is the month for the prizes! My B-day is March 30!

I would love the Ubisoft DS games or the Xbox.

I really want the KICKBOARD USA!It is a dream.I really want it

I know im really excited for the x box

This sounds so exciting ! i really would love that charm and ..... YEAH CAN'T WAIT LOVE DG!

I like charm its to! Also the evolution of Capurnia tale, and the skin care product Liv doll, the kick board and everything else I am so entering everyday! Good luck everybody!

Omg I want to win sooooooo bad i want the Xbox 360 but i would want anything it would be so awesome if I won oh and when its ur b-day......Happy Birthday :D

I really wanna win the xbox kinect and bundle so bad so plz let me win!

yeah sooo do i really bad that would be sooo cool if i won!!!!!!!

yep i do too!!!!!!!!!!!I REALLY WANT TO WIN!!!!!!!


OMG! Me too! I'd love to win the X-Box, or anything! Would be awesome to get the PBTeen and Alkatazz GOODY BAG!!!!! I entered today! LOL; so excited!!!!!

Can't wait! I tottally wan't the headphones They rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also ike the cupcake cuties, u-draw tablet and the kinect/ x-box 360 bundle! By the way I love the headphones !!!!! =-]

I am soooooo entering the the contest on March 31st for the X-box 360 and Kinect bundle pack for my brother! He will be so excited if I win! I hope I win!!!

i am soooooooo entering that!!!!!!! im gonna enter every day i really want that charm it i mean thats almost my fave acceries

i am going to enter every day! i want anything !

me too!! i want the book and everything else!!!!

I like it too! I'm going to give it to my sister if I win it!

I REALLY wanna win the X-Box and they Wii drawing tablet! As they say in the commercial, "Design and draw in chair!"


That's a lot of stuff to win!! dang!!! lol. Anyways, I really want the ubisoft games and the charm bracelet, because i already have the udraw thing... Also whats cupcake cuties???

they r things that you put on cupcakes after they r baked like on the website there was a popcorn one!!

I am soooooooo excited about the month of giveaways. I want the Evolution of Calpurnia Tate!!!!! Also love the headphones!!!!

This looks so cool and I really want something!!! Can't wait!!

I can't believe that DG would give such awesome stuff away!!!!! I love the headphones(Any kind ) Love the PBteen backpack and pretty much everything else 2!!!!!! Will enter everyday!!! Wish me luck!!!

I can't wait to win all month long :)

awesome! these r the BEST prizes EVER!!!(:

it's getting closer

i love giveaways i always win something

I cant wait for March to come! I want to win the headphones and pb teen backpack so much! Good luck to everyone i hope you get what you want:)!!!!

I want 2 win a charm bracelet!!

Can't wait!!!!

So want it!!!!!

i am soooooooo excited

i really want the cupcake cuties set!!!! =D


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