Survey... enjoy! 1) If you could be in any movie, what movie would it be? 2) Would you rather make straight A's or be captain of the cheerleading squad? 3) Would you rather receive gifts or give them? 4) What kind of car do you want to have?
Need help to a question? Well you came to the right place! Ok so say your pet is sick, but you don't know what's wrong!!! Ask me!!! These are the things you can ask me about growing up, boys, beauty, DG Magazine, Life, ANYTHING Hope to hear from you
hello everybody! i just went shopping and am veeery happy about that, ya i bought sweats cds and earrings. and lip gloss, which i love very much. thats all, leave commetns and go 2 my page plz. **mwAh MwAh**
I am at BOB for the next 2 weeks its so much fun we sing dance and act the best part is you get to do what ever you want for 2 hours and then you go on rotation
If you love to save the world please be my friend I give good advice for anything If you love anything else i will still br your friend like i said i have good advice i am trustworthy and i love talkind so become my friend cause we could have so much fun!!!!! : ^ )


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