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Rebecca and Ashley Happy New Year from Discovery Girls! In our "You Say" poll, it's clear that some of you have vowed to be a better friend in 2008! For inspiration, check out what our Kentucky Discovery Girls had to say about their best friendships...
You read all about the Indiana Discovery Girls' New Year's Resolutions in the December/January issue of DG! Now, find out how the Discovery Girls will be spending the holidays!
Carmen and Dallas Dreams…hobbies…pet peeves! I know you have them, and the Fab Girls, Dallas and Carmen Fabrulléziano, are no different! Dallas dreams of winning a Pulitzer Prize someday…and Carmen, an Academy Award. Dallas is always totally honest (she cannot stand gossip!), and Carmen is super thoughtful (she keeps track of everyone's birthdays in the entire eighth grade!).
Surprise, girls! Today kicks off a very special and exciting week on! Every day this week, you'll find all things "Fab" on this web site! That's right: DG is proud to announce that the first four books in the Fab Girls Guides series are out! Each book is packed with advice, fun, surprises, and all you need to get through your middle school years.
Dress too big? That's okay! I'll just pin it! A hair out of place? Ashley to the rescue! Did you know that I have the best job…ever!? For each issue of Discovery Girls, I travel to a different state and spend two crazy, fun-filled days with twelve totally inspiring girls. October was packed with photo shoots. I went to Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois with DG staff members Alex and Ashley. That's three different states, thirty-six Discovery Girls, tons of outfits…and a bazillion photos!
DG News Screen Grab Lights! Camera! Best friends! The winners of DG's video contest, Jessica and Chava, not only bring a sense of humor to their entry, but their friendship is (fabulously!) on display! It’s clear that these talented girls love stealing scenes, hamming it up for the camera, and having a blast with each other! Check out their winning video, and then find out all about DG's video stars. And congratulations, Jessica and Chava!
Azul and Nikki Halloween should be all about "boo"--not "boo-hoo"! For a guaranteed (safe) blast, check out this checklist…
In honor of Halloween, we asked DG readers what they fear most, and you told all! In the October/November issue, we ran the top 15, and we promised even more of your fears right here, on So, brace yourselves! Some scary stuff is below! If you fear something that you don't see here, let us know in comments to this post!
Selena Gomez It's the premeire you've been waiting for: Wizards of Waverly Place debuts tonight on Disney Channel! It doesn't take a wizard to know that one of the show's stars, the talented Selena Gomez, is slated to put a spell on audiences. We caught up with Ms. Gomez before her big (magical!) Disney Channel debut, and she let us in on how she got her start--and how experiencing success wasn't always easy. Here's what she had to say: