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Can you come up with a funny and creative caption to describe this picture? Editor's Caption: It's getting a little too crowded in here. Let me out!
It's no coincidence that Discovery Girls has a whole section of Embarrassing Moments in every issue! Everyone trips, accidentally spills food, or wears their clothes inside out sometime in their lives. We can all relate to that feeling of embarrassment. It might seem like your classmates will never forget your mistake, but there are a few ways to soften the blow the next time something really embarrassing happens to you! 1. Don't pretend it didn't happen. Ignoring it won't make it go away. If everyone is staring at you, take a bow! 2. Laugh at yourself! (It's better for the other kids to laugh with you, not at you, right?) 3. Don't dwell on it! Move on with your life and soon everyone else will, too. How do you handle embarrassment? Do you have any tips for the rest of us?
When something embarrassing happens to you, the last thing you want is to look up and see the one person you'd most like to impress staring right at you! Unfortunately, we've all been there!
For this week's Friday Funny, please share the funniest (and most embarrassing) thing that has ever happened to you in front of your crush!
Can you come up with a creative or witty caption to describe this image? Editor's caption: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
Q: Will sunburns now hurt my skin later? A: Absolutely, positively yes! Just a few bad sunburns as a child doubles your chance of skin cancer, which is why it's critical that you start taking care of your skin and avoiding sunburns now! But that doesn't mean you have to stay inside all summer. Next time you're having fun in the sun, apply at least an SPF 30 all over your body before you head outside. Even the tricky parts…your ears, feet, back, everywhere! And remember to reapply every two hours. And try to stay out of the sun between 10am - 4pm when the sun is strongest or at least be in the shade. Don't forget your hats, umbrellas, and sunglasses, too! Getting a tan might seem like a great idea, but it's not worth having damaged skin later. Nobody wants wrinkles, sunspots or skin cancer…duh!
Free DG Postcard We are starting to get excited about summer at Discovery Girls! We love lazy summer activities, summer fashions, and icy summer treats. We thought you should know that there are tons of things on to help you make the most of your summer break. Are you traveling for a vacation or to a summer camp? Download our FREE postcard to send to your friends and family so you can keep in touch while you're away! Are you going to the beach or spending a lot of time at the pool? Read these great tips about what you should pack in your beach bag! Last, but not least, you can stay connected to your friends by commenting on the DG blog, discussions, polls, and more right here on! (Just make sure you ask all your friends to check out the website!)
Everyone feels overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, or exhausted every now and then. It can be difficult to manage those feelings, but if you can stay calm, you'll be able to deal with all of life's surprises better. Here's one way to help you stay calm, slow down, and relax. Sit in a comfortable, cross-legged position with your spine straight. Let your eyes close and bring your awareness to your breath. Feel yourself breathe in and out. After a few breaths you'll notice you can take longer and deeper breaths. Gradually try to lengthen your inhales and exhales for 10 counts each. When you're done open your eyes and notice how you feel. Are you calmer? More relaxed? Ready to face the day?
Our furry family members are sometimes the funniest friends we have! They can be goofy and crazy, but they're always loyal. That's why we love them! So for this week's Friday Funny, we want to hear your funniest pet story!
Can you write a funny caption that describes this image? Editor's caption: If you liked the frog legs you'll go crazy for dessert—chocolate covered ants!
Want to know this summer's fashion trend? Stripes! They are on everything from tops to dresses to shoes! This pattern is a little more simple and classic than some of the other ones out there (animal print anyone?)...And best of all, it looks good on everyone! So if you have a striped shirt, deep in the corner of your closet, pull it out and wear it with confidence! Check out the summer fashion feature in the June/July issue!