Didn’t make the grade? Took your eye off the ball and lost the game? Ouch! Moments like that make you want to cry or run for cover, but sometimes you can’t. Maybe you’re at school or have to put on a brave face for teammates. When you need a quick fix, try these tricks.

5 Ways to Start a Conversation (and Make a Friend!)

Looking for a few new fabulous friends? They may be just a conversation away. Here are five easy ways to reach out to someone who could be a future BFF.

It’s awards show season! You’ve got the popcorn, the remote control, and a place on the couch. Now make the most of those commercial breaks by presenting a few awards of your own to “winning” family members. Try these:

We know how much you love embarrassing moments, so here’s a treat!



Phone Poem

One day at lunch, I let my crush play games on my phone. When I wasn't looking, he went through my texts and found a three-page poem I wrote about him, and he read it all! I found my phone sitting on the table open to the poem, and my crush leaving the building!


We thought it was time to introduce you to the girls who will be attending this year’s Discovery Girls Leadership Summit, which is being held this month in Northern California. Congratulations to all of the girls who were selected last fall—we’re looking forward to finally meeting all of you!


It’s okay to play with your food sometimes. If you have a heart-shaped cookie cutter (or two or three different-sized ones), use it! Here’s how:


o   Trim crusts off toast, or make a “hearty” sandwich.


They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, so tuck something special into your valentines this year. Need inspiration? Try these “punny” ideas:

o   Puzzle pieces. Take two that fit together (from an old puzzle—not your brother’s new one). Then write inside the card, “We’re the perfect fit” or “Without you, I’d fall to pieces!”  

January 19 was National Popcorn Day! But you can warm up any winter’s night with a bowl of hot popcorn. Tell your salt shaker to take a hike, and try one of these toppers instead.

Start with 6 to 8 cups of plain popcorn (either from the microwave or the stovetop). Pour the still-warm popcorn into a clean paper bag, and add one of the toppings below. Then seal the bag and shake it up.

When it comes to sibling relationships, your favorite stars are a lot like you. Sometimes you get along with your sibs, sometimes you don’t. But no matter what, you always love them!  Find out what your favorite celebs say about their relationships with their siblings. 

Rowan Blanchard Girls Meets World

Do kids learn more by studying for tests, or by doing hands-on projects?

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