Celebrate this Mexican holiday straight into the weekend—sleepover style! Here’s how:  

Have you heard about May 3rd? It’s Teacher Appreciation Day! Say thank you to your favorite teachers with these combo gifts and notes:

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On April 22, start a few good habits you can follow through with all year long. Isn’t the earth worth it? Try these:


Saving doesn’t have to be painful. You just need a plan, a place to save your pennies, and a few tricks to stop yourself when you feel the urge to spend. Try these:

It’s National Library Week! Support your local library by starting a book club with friends. Reading books is just the beginning of what you and your book-loving buds can do.  

Tired of the same old, same old? Give your lunch a spring makeover with these tasty tips.

April 2 was National PB&J Day! Here are ways to beat bag-lunch boredom toward the end of the school year.

In our April/May issue, we showed you how to draw a bunny. Now, try your hand at these animals!




What is better for learning hands-on projects or tests?

Our reader results say Hands-On Projects!  Do you agree?  

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