I applied to be a Discovery Girl because I thought, even if I didn’t make it, I would still learn a lot from the experience. When I saw the ad, I thought, there is no way I’d actually make it. Then my mom saw the ad and encouraged me to go for it, so I did!


I applied to be a Discovery Girl because I love DG and I knew that getting in would be an amazing experience! I found out about the summit the year before and applied, and I was really bummed when I didn’t get in. When they announced the next summit, I knew that I couldn’t miss my last chance to apply!


My Last Chance…


Do you think the good things about having a boy as your BFF outweigh the bad?

Our reader results say YES!  Do you agree?  Let us know what you think.


Cree Cicchino

Clyde, my Chihuahua, is so feisty! He has this big personality in this tiny body. We’ll be out walking, and he’ll stand up taller as we pass by this huge dog. I call him my little tough boy. He’s so little, but he’s ready to take on big dogs!

Didn’t make the grade? Took your eye off the ball and lost the game? Ouch! Moments like that make you want to cry or run for cover, but sometimes you can’t. Maybe you’re at school or have to put on a brave face for teammates. When you need a quick fix, try these tricks.

5 Ways to Start a Conversation (and Make a Friend!)

Looking for a few new fabulous friends? They may be just a conversation away. Here are five easy ways to reach out to someone who could be a future BFF.

It’s awards show season! You’ve got the popcorn, the remote control, and a place on the couch. Now make the most of those commercial breaks by presenting a few awards of your own to “winning” family members. Try these:

We know how much you love embarrassing moments, so here’s a treat!



Phone Poem

One day at lunch, I let my crush play games on my phone. When I wasn't looking, he went through my texts and found a three-page poem I wrote about him, and he read it all! I found my phone sitting on the table open to the poem, and my crush leaving the building!


We thought it was time to introduce you to the girls who will be attending this year’s Discovery Girls Leadership Summit, which is being held this month in Northern California. Congratulations to all of the girls who were selected last fall—we’re looking forward to finally meeting all of you!



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