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I really love the magazine and I thought it would be really cool to be in it. I found out about the Summit from an announcement on the back of the magazine. I didn’t think I’d be chosen, but I wanted to try.  


Learning More About Myself

I spent several months working on my questionnaire off and on. It was hard work, but I was proud of it. The questions were fun to answer and I learned more about myself. I told a few friends and my family and they were super excited that I applied.  

I found out I had been chosen when we got an email from Discovery Girls. I was bouncing off the walls, I was so excited!

They sent us some information about what kind of clothes to bring. I looked at all the information, and thought about what I liked to wear and what would look best for my profile photo. I even tried out some practice poses for the camera!


A Short Trip…But an Incredible Experience!

I already live in California, not very far from San Jose, so getting to the Summit was just a short trip for me.

The whole Summit was such a cool experience. I loved meeting all the girls. They were super nice. I was surprised that I could relate to them all so well and make friends with everyone so quickly. Being from different places doesn’t mean you are actually that different!

It was so much fun being with so many awesome girls at once. The other girls were all very supportive.

The pool party was especially fun. We couldn’t stop laughing, especially when we were trying to get onto each other’s shoulders in the water and kept falling off!

It was just such an incredible experience! I feel like I gained more self-confidence and made more friends than I could even hope to. I’ll always remember all the girls from the Summit.

June/July 2016

This is a web exclusive from June/July 2016.

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