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You Can’t Make It Unless You Try

I subscribe to Discovery Girls so I saw in one of the issues that you could apply to be in the magazine. I actually did not think I would get chosen because there are lots of girls who apply. I knew I would be one of many, but I still wanted to try. I figured if I tried, there was always a possibility I might make it, but if I did not try, then I would never get chosen. I also wanted to go because I enjoy meeting people and making friends.

I did a little of the questionnaire every day for around a month. I wanted it to be perfect, so every day I would read it and fix it or fill out something else that was needed. It had a lot of interesting questions, so I liked thinking about my responses. There were questions about things that girls face every day, but that we don’t speak about on a regular basis. 


Wow—I Made It!

After submitting the questionnaire, I felt relieved because I no longer had to worry about fixing it or changing it. I did my best and hoped that was enough! I didn't tell anyone I’d applied, though. I told myself that if I got chosen, then I’d tell people. 

One night, my mom told me she’d gotten an email and asked me to guess what it was. I started guessing several times and she kept saying no. Finally, she told me that I’d been chosen to be in the magazine. I started screaming my head off! 

Attending the Summit was special to me. To count down, I packed one item each day for a whole month prior to the event. I chose the best outfits from my closet. Of course, I had to try everything on first! 

Meeting Girls from All Over—Close to My Home!

I live a few hours from where the Summit was held, so we were able to drive there. It was my first time in San Jose and I loved the area. I hope to return again for vacation and take more time to explore the city. 

I enjoyed meeting the girls. I really liked that girls came from different states. Now I have someone I can talk to from all over the U.S. If I want to learn something about the states, I can talk to my new friends. If I ever visit their state, I can also visit them. I noticed that each girl has something special and different about them, and that’s what makes us unique. I learned that we should take the time to got to know someone before we judge them, because we do not know always know what someone else is going through.

I had so much fun at the Summit, meeting all new friends and doing lots of crafts and activities. The Discovery Girls staff were the best. They were very nice and treated everyone with respect and were very helpful with everything. 


June/July 2016

This is a web exclusive from June/July 2016.

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