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Writing My Questionnaire

I decided to apply to be a Discovery Girl because I have been reading Discovery Girls since I was nine, and I thought that the girls in it were so cool and it seemed like they had so much fun! I decided I to fill a questionnaire out and send it in and see what happened! I thought my chances of getting in were very slim. I worked so hard on my questionnaire, but I knew over 1,000 girls wanted to be a Discovery Girl, so I thought I had a low chance of being one.

I spent about three months on my questionnaire! That may seem like forever, but I really had to think deeply about the questions! I thought it was fun but sometimes it was also hard and frustrating because the questions were so deep. Most of them were very personal and I thought that was a great way for the people who chose the girls to really get to know them. I felt good after I submitted my questionnaire but also very nervous. I had to realize that if I did not get in, I should not take it too hard, because lots of other girls would not get in too. (Besides, there is always next year!) After I told people the news, all of my friends were very excited for me, which made me happy. But some were jealous—they thought I was going to be popular and they would not be, but that’s not the point of the magazine!


Waiting for (and Getting!) an Answer…

I’d been asking for at least a month for my parents to check their e-mail every second because I was ready to find out if I was a DG! Finally, at lunch one day I said “Dad, if you have not heard anything by now, I probably did not get in.” And he said “ I got a phone call last night and they said… pack your bags because we are going to California!” I reacted like crazy! I was squealing, jumping up and down, and cartwheeling in my room! I was so excited!

To prepare for the Summit, I practiced my smile and my poses, and tried on almost every outfit in my closet! To pick my profile outfit I got out my two favorite dresses and tried them on at least 100 times each! It was a close, but it finally came down to the green one!


Excited, but Nervous. Where Would I Fit In?

On the flight to California, I kept getting up and down in the plane hoping to be there, counting down the minutes, hours, and seconds until we finally landed! I was really nervous and scared before the Summit! I’d always read that the girls made 35 new best friends, but I was skeptical. How could so many girls from so many different places, with different types of families and different beliefs and ideas just click like that? It sounded too good to be true, and I started to worry where I would fit in. . .if at all.

When I met the girls, everything I’d read was true! They were all smart and amazing, but they were also so down-to-earth. Nobody acted as if they were better than anyone else. We were all more alike than different, regardless of where we came from. I realized that differences are no reason to keep people apart. I felt like we had a responsibility to work together to be a voice for girls, and to let other girls who may have insecurities know it is okay to be different. You’re not alone!


Funny Moments, New Best Friends…and an Experience to Cherish

There was one really funny moment when my group was doing our “Behind the Scenes” photo shoot. We were swimming, and we got in a big raft boat. Two of us fell out of the boat and we were trying to pull each other back in for about 10 minutes. Then later we realized that there was a ladder on the side of the raft all along!

I just really enjoyed being in the moment at the Summit! I love it when you’re so excited for something, and then it finally happens and you are smiling for the rest of the day! That was what the Discovery Girls Summit was like! And I did make 35 new besties! I feel like we’re a network of creative, smart, and caring girls who have a chance to inspire others. I’m inspired to where I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to! It was an experience I will cherish for a lifetime! 

June/July 2016

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