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DG News Screen Grab Lights! Camera! Best friends! The winners of DG's video contest, Jessica and Chava, not only bring a sense of humor to their entry, but their friendship is (fabulously!) on display! It’s clear that these talented girls love stealing scenes, hamming it up for the camera, and having a blast with each other! Check out their winning video, and then find out all about DG's video stars. And congratulations, Jessica and Chava!
Azul and Nikki Halloween should be all about "boo"--not "boo-hoo"! For a guaranteed (safe) blast, check out this checklist…
In honor of Halloween, we asked DG readers what they fear most, and you told all! In the October/November issue, we ran the top 15, and we promised even more of your fears right here, on So, brace yourselves! Some scary stuff is below! If you fear something that you don't see here, let us know in comments to this post!
Selena Gomez It's the premeire you've been waiting for: Wizards of Waverly Place debuts tonight on Disney Channel! It doesn't take a wizard to know that one of the show's stars, the talented Selena Gomez, is slated to put a spell on audiences. We caught up with Ms. Gomez before her big (magical!) Disney Channel debut, and she let us in on how she got her start--and how experiencing success wasn't always easy. Here's what she had to say:
Kayla 'works' on her costume It's October, which means pumpkins abound, it starts to (really!) feel like fall, and Halloween is right around the corner! That’s certainly exciting, but it can also be, well, nerve-wracking. You know the drill: Figuring out what you’ll be, and then tracking down the perfect costume. It should be fun...unfortunately, it's not always stress-free! If you read the DG Blog, quizzes, celebrity interviews, embarrassing moments, Ask Ali questions (and answers), and nearly all of the other features on, you've probably noticed the "Add a new comment" option at the bottom of the page. And maybe you've even done just that--clicked on the option and submitted your comment to this web site!
Lyn Well, summer is officially over, the other interns are gone, and soon it will be time for me to head off to my first year of college! Before I depart, though, I thought I'd leave you with something serious and fun: a list of what I’ve learned at DG this summer!
Katie and Abby The October/November issue of Discovery Girls is always all about best friends, so we decided to ask our Kentucky Discovery Girls about why their best friends are special! In this DG Blog post, you'll hear from the issue's three (yes, three!) Katie's! They may share a name, but their friendships are one-of-a-kind...
Vannesa Hudgens and Zac Efron Vanessa and Zac (and Corbin, Monique, and Ashley) will be teaching High School Musical 2 fans how to groove to some of the movie's songs tomorrow night! Before you learn the steps, find out what Vanessa told DG about Zac--and her little sis!
Fashion...gotta love it!I can't believe it! My internship at DG is almost over! Like you, I'll be heading back to school soon. I'll be a senior in high school which is definitely exciting, but not nearly as exciting as my summer here at DG has been! One of the best parts about my internship? Getting to learn so much about you! From reading your letters, comments on, and your stellar questionnaires, I feel like I know all of you so well! So what better way to say goodbye than with a "Top 6" list of the things I've learned about you this summer: