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Can you write a funny caption that describes this image? Editor's caption: If you liked the frog legs you'll go crazy for dessert—chocolate covered ants!
Want to know this summer's fashion trend? Stripes! They are on everything from tops to dresses to shoes! This pattern is a little more simple and classic than some of the other ones out there (animal print anyone?)...And best of all, it looks good on everyone! So if you have a striped shirt, deep in the corner of your closet, pull it out and wear it with confidence! Check out the summer fashion feature in the June/July issue!


At Discovery Girls we want to tell you lots of stories about girls just like you! But every now and then it's fun to learn more about what life is like for celebrities. Before Justin Bieber was a celebrity, he was just a normal kid who enjoyed music—like a lot of you! In our exclusive interview Justin Bieber (from the January 2010 issue of DG) we asked him about what it's like to be famous, how his relationships with friends have changed since he became a star, and even how he calms his nerves! If you've got Bieber Fever, you won't want to miss our interview! Click here to read it!

If you carry a purse or tote, it’s easy to be prepared for anything! Of course, what you put in your bag depends on where you’re going or what you’ll be doing in a day. Here are a few basics that will be helpful no matter where you go. 1. Note pad and pencil. If you ever need to remember something, you’ll have somewhere to jot it down so you won't forget about it later. 2. Hair brush and hair ties or clip. It’s good to have the option to put your hair back so you can go from class to PE or other activities that require movement. 3. Mirror. It’s always good to have a mirror around for those times when you feel like you might have something stuck between your teeth! What do you carry in your bag?
For this week's Friday Funnies, tell us all about the funniest thing that's ever happened while you were hanging out with your BFF! We want to know how you make each other laugh so we can laugh along, too! And thanks to our awesome reader george15667 for the great idea!
Can you come up with a creative caption for this picture? Editor's Caption: The girl who pops the most bubbles will be crowned Bubble Queen!

Q: Is skipping breakfast really that bad?

Between homework, friends, and after-school activities tween girls have a LOT of things to juggle. If you ever have trouble keeping up with all the things you have to do, you’re not alone! Here are a few easy tips to help you stay organized so you can be your best: 1. Write It Down. Keep a list of all your assignments and events so you never forget! When you’re done, give yourself a check mark or a gold star. 2. Share Your Schedule with a Parent. Two heads are better than one (three are even better)! Your parent or guardian can help you keep up with where you need to be and when. 3. Don’t Do Too Much. Make sure you aren’t doing more than you can handle. If you can’t give 100% to all your activities, it might be time to scale back.
Since Mother's Day is Sunday, it seems appropriate to make this week's Friday Funny all about moms! We
Can you come up with a fun caption that describes the picture below? Leave your caption as a comment! Editor's Caption: If we sleep like this, do you think it will give our hair more body?