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Tips for getting your questionnaire noticed

Tip #1: We Want Details, Details, Details!

Jennette McCurdyAs promised, we spoke to iCarly star Jennette McCurdy last week, and asked her many of the questions you posted. Enjoy your interview!
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Caption This Earlier we asked you to vote for your favorite captions for this picture, and here are the winners. Congratulations to Cocoa who got 29% of the votes! Here's who wrote what:
Caption This Behind the Scenes! It's in every issue of Discovery Girls, and it lets you see the Discovery Girls in action. And, of course, we try to make every photo funny! The photo above is from the February/March issue. To find out what the captions are, check out page 15! But before you do, we also want to hear from you!
Jennette McCurdyiCarly star Jennette McCurdy revealed her most embarrassing moment in the February/March issue of DG! Is there something you'd like to ask this talented star? DG is giving you the chance! Ask Jennette questions as comments to this post, and we'll have her answer them!
Laura Hey, girls! It’s Laura! As most of you know, I was an intern at Discovery Girls last summer, and I had the amazing opportunity of helping to create the Fab Girls Guides! The books are all ready for you to read now, and I’m so excited that you’ll finally get to see what we were working on all summer.
Justyce & May What's better than coming home from school and (yup!) playing with your pet?! Ohio Discovery Girl Justyce can count on her German Shephard, May, to...well...we'll let her tell you herself!
Tip #1 Hi, girls! It’s Gloria again! I hope you’ve had a chance to check out the February/March issue! I had such a blast working on it with the DG staff! One of my jobs as a DG intern is to read all of your questionnaires, and I’ve read hundreds. I even helped choose the Nevada Discovery Girls! What do we look for in the DG questionnaires, and how can you make yours stand out? Read on, because I have tips!


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