Tired of the same old, same old? Give your lunch a spring makeover with these tasty tips.

April 2 was National PB&J Day! Here are ways to beat bag-lunch boredom toward the end of the school year.

In our April/May issue, we showed you how to draw a bunny. Now, try your hand at these animals!




What is better for learning hands-on projects or tests?

Our reader results say Hands-On Projects!  Do you agree?  

Let us know what you think.

DG’s Make a Headband Contest
Are you into crafts, being creative, and fashion? This contest is for you!


What to Do

Make this a very special Mother’s Day with a gift from the heart. 

What You Need: 1) A deck of playing cards 2) Plain white or colored paper 3) Scissors 4) Stickers, photos, other decorations 5) Pencil, pens, or markers 6) Hole punch 7) String or ribbon 

Facing Challenges: 4 Girls Share Their Stories Our April/ May issue features a mini-mag by Logan, Bryce, Eva and Kiana. Here’s how to put it together.

Assemble Your Mini-Mag

We had so much fun reading about your most embarrassing moments, and (best of all!) seeing your drawings! Congrats to all our winners and runners-up—and thank you so much for entering! (For the winners, check out the April/May issue.)


My dad went on a trip to Washington DC and came back with a magazine I had never seen before: Discovery Girls. I loved it instantly. One day, I started to flip through my newest issue and noticed that I could enter to be a Discovery Girl. I went on the website and decided that I really wanted to apply. 

I applied to be a Discovery Girl because I thought, even if I didn’t make it, I would still learn a lot from the experience. When I saw the ad, I thought, there is no way I’d actually make it. Then my mom saw the ad and encouraged me to go for it, so I did!



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