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I really wanted to be in the magazine, so when I saw the page about applying, I thought, “Why not give it a try?” I didn’t think I would be chosen, though.

I spent from the time I first saw the questions all the way to the deadline on the questionnaire—about three months! I like answering questions so it was fun, and the questions were great. They were really detailed (in a good way).

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I absolutely loved reading Discovery Girls, especially the true and relatable life stories brave girls shared, so when I saw something about a Discovery Girls Summit, I thought, “Wow, I have to be a part of this!” I knew it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I usually don’t participate in magazine competitions or things like that, but some instinct told me that this was worth the time needed for the application.

I really liked Discovery Girls and I wondered about how the magazine finds all these girls that are in it, so I asked my mom to help me find out. We came across the information on the website, and I felt like the Summit would be a really unique situation and it sounded really fun, so I wanted to apply. I was worried that maybe I wasn’t good enough, but decided to try anyway.

I decided to apply to be a Discovery Girl because I enjoy reading the magazines. The topics of discussion are interesting, and the girls seemed so relatable. In one of the issues I read, it mentioned that there was going to be a Discovery Girls’ Leadership Summit. I knew my chances were slim, but I started answering the questionnaire anyway. 

When I saw the page in DG about the Summit, I decided to apply. I knew my chances of getting in were slim, but I realized I’d never know unless I tried. I really liked the answering the questions because they made me look deeper than just  the outside and I actually found out more about myself.