November 23: Thanksgiving Day

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November 23 in the United States Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of giving thanks for the harvest and blessings of the past year. It is a day of giving thanks to God for his many blessings and expressing our gratitude to friends and family members. The first Thanksgiving Day feast was held in 1621 between the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians. Each year, Thanksgiving is observed on the fourth Thursday in November.

Will you be helping prepare for the meal today? Setting the table? Making any decorations or a signature dish? Hint, Check out the Dg Culinary Adventures to see a quick recipe.

Before you dig into the traditional foods - Watch or attend a Parade. Two of the largest are the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York and the McDonalds Thanksgiving parade in Chicago. Or watch or attend a football game there are many college and high school football games on this day.

Work up an appetite for the Thanksgiving meal and exercise in the morning.

Give thanks to relatives and friends by phone, email, or internet to remind them how thankful you are that they are all part of your life.

And a special Thank you to the people who prepared the meal.