Samantha's Diary "Taking a Chance"

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Why did you decide to apply to be a Discovery Girl? How did you find out about the Summit?

I decided to apply to be a Discovery Girl on a whim! I really loved the magazine and I love to write about my feelings and experiences. Another reason I felt like entering was that I never ever enter anything like this, and I felt a little crazy doing it, but I figured why not? I found out about the Summit on the DG website when I was looking around. I thought about applying the year before but I just didn’t! So when the application came around again my mom suggested I apply this year. I decided to apply and I guess taking a risk paid off for me this year!

How long did it take you to put your questionnaire together? How did you feel after you submitted it?

It took me about a week with school and all of my after school activities and homework to write my answers. I was really secret about my answers. I didn’t let my mom see them until I needed help submitting them. Some of the answers were really private so I was worried about what they would think about me. My mom told me she was proud of me putting my feelings and thoughts out there for others to read. After I submitted it I felt very confident about it. I didn’t dream that I would be picked but I felt really good just taking a chance. I was doubtful because I just never get picked for things, but you can’t get picked if you don’t try. I didn’t tell anyone I applied so no one would know if I didn’t get picked but my mom and I.

How did you find out you were selected as a Discovery Girl? How did you feel when you first found out?

I found out at 10:30 PM the day everyone was notified. My mom was checking her email downstairs and I was up in my room asleep already. My mom came running into my room and woke me up and she said “You got in!” I didn’t realize what she was saying at first because I was sleepy but she was hugging me and showed me the email and it started to sink in. We both started to cry and she said she was so proud of me. I felt sleepy and a little overwhelmed with not knowing what was going to happen. I think I was in shock until the packet came with all the details.

What did you do to prepare for the Summit? How did you pick your profile outfit?

I went shopping and picked out a few outfits but I didn’t really find what I was crazy about. After shopping my mom, my sister Shelby and I went through my entire closet and started pulling out things that would be cute together. They were throwing clothes everywhere in my room and I couldn’t even see my floor! I didn’t know what outfits I would want to wear so it was really hard to decide what to take. I was lucky because we drove to the Summit so I took two suitcases and would decide what to wear when I got there! I actually hadn’t picked my profile outfit until right before the shoot. I realized that I brought too many clothes and I couldn’t decide. My mom came into my room and she pulled out a skirt, shirt and jacket and showed it to me and I loved it!

What was the trip to California like?

I live in Central California which is about three hours from where the Summit was held so we didn’t have to travel as far as some girls. We still had fun driving and talking about what the Summit was going to be like. She works full time so it was fun to talk and catch up with her without my sister!

What was it like meeting girls from all over the U.S. and Canada? What surprised you most about the other girls?

It was overwhelming when we first started to find out who was coming to the Summit. We started to talk through Facebook with each other and then moved to group chats and we haven’t stopped talking since! I loved meeting everyone and learning about them and their life. I did keep asking myself, why did I get picked I am just a regular girl? I was a little worried that I wasn’t as good as they were and how they would feel about me. That all changed as soon as we started to arrive. I was so surprised about how different the backgrounds were. There were girls that lived in different countries and now live in the U.S. and one girl was going to live in another country after the Summit. I think the one thing that surprised me the most was that among all the amazing dancers, singers, writers, actors and sports girls inside we were all funny, crazy regular girls with the same issues. I realized that I did fit in!  

What issues that tween girls face did you talk about? How do you think  talking about those things helped you?

We talked about how to deal with and prevent bullying. We tried not to worry more about preventing so we wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with it. We also talked a lot about how far is too much when it comes to bragging and why it is good to talk about good things about yourself in a non-bragging way. We also talked about how a lot of girls our age feel comfortable about themselves for a lot of reason and we gave suggestions about how we deal with that. It helped me a lot to hear what other girls were going through and it helped me realize that everyone has issues. Some people think that popular girls don’t have real issues because they are perfect but the girls at the Summit made me realize we are all the same with a lot of the same issues even if someone seems perfect on the outside.

What was the funniest thing that happened?

The funniest thing that happened was during our photo shoot at the pier. Pella, Zhanri, Natalie and I were at the pier taking photos for our issue and we found a jelly bean dispenser. Zhanri couldn’t figure out how to open it and she was being so silly. We were laughing our heads off! Another funny moment was when I was saying goodbye to Jane. We were hugging and saying goodbye and we looked at each other and started to cry and giggle at the same time.  

What was the most important thing you learned at the Summit? Will you do anything differently because of your experience?

The most important thing that I learned at the Summit was that you don’t have to do anything amazing to be amazing. You don’t have to be the best at something to just be your best. I will try hard not to doubt or hold myself back from doing what I want to do. I will try hard not to care what people think and remember to care more about being me!

I’ll always remember… 

I will always remember the 35 new sisters that I found and how different we are doesn’t matter because we are all a part of the DG family!

Is there anything you want to tell our readers about being a Discovery Girl?

I want to tell the Discovery Girls readers that you don’t have to be on the cover or have your picture in the magazine to be a Discovery Girl. Being who you are and doing what makes you happy makes you a Discovery Girl.  

June/ July 2015

This is a web exclusive from June/ July 2015.

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