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I was reading the magazine when I saw the ad for the Summit and thought, "How cool would that be?!" Plus it's part of my favorite magazine. After writing my questionnaire, I felt confident! I learned a lot about myself when I was writing my answers. I spent a lot of time on it but as time went on I thought it might be unlikely for me to actually get in because of how many applications there were.

I spent about three weeks total on the questionnaire. I started by thinking about what I was going to write, then I drafted points for answers and talked them through verbally with my Mom. I spent five days typing final responses and spell checking it. I really enjoyed writing the application as it showed me I have lot of unique traits. I felt the questions were very personal but those things are what I love about the magazine and other girls are going through the same things as me so it will help them just like it helped me!

My mom was waiting for me after swim class one day and she was so excited that she just yelled, "You got in!" I knew immediately what she meant! We were jumping up and down together and it was awesome! I couldn’t believe it and made my mom show me the e-mail just to make sure. I was in a happy daze for days!

My favorite part of preparing for the Summit was when we got to go shopping! I looked for an outfit that represented me, one that I would wear to school and feel confident in.

California was so awesome! Meeting the other girls was great because we all made fast friends and it seemed like we had so much in common, even though we lived so far away from each other. We were sharing stories that you would normally only tell your closest BFFs. I learned lots of girls are having the same problems as me. I thought no one understood me before but I learned I am not alone. I was surprised that the other girls all had big dreams too – just like me!

The Summit and this experience taught me that I can be myself, be unique and people will still like me the way I truly am. I can be proud of who I am. It also taught me that girls have no limitations on what they can be and how we can change or influence the world. I admired the other girls and felt inspired by how amazing each of them was. 

I will always remember the fun times we had. Having photo shoots, making friends, connecting with other girls and mostly how this one magazine brought us all together! I love Discovery Girls! 

March/April 2017

This is a web exclusive from March/April 2017.

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