Laura Marano: From Insecure to Inspirational

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Hi girls!

Did you get a chance to check out Laura Marano in our December/January 2015 issue?

You might see Laura as Ally in Disney Channel's Austin & Ally, but offscreen, she's as down-to-earth as your average girl. Just like a lot of other girls, Laura went through with insecurity over her body, friendship hardships, and high expectations for herself. In our interview with her, she shares her own experiences and advice on how she overcame these struggles and became the confident star that you see on T.V.

What do you think of Laura on Austin & Ally? Are you surprised to learn about her struggles in her tween years?

Remember to keep an eye out for Laura's Disney Channel Original Movie Bad Hair Day coming out on February 13th, and definitely check out her interview with us if you haven't already.

December/January 2015

This is a web exclusive from December/January 2015.

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