Kayla's Halloween Costume Tips

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Kayla 'works' on her costume It's October, which means pumpkins abound, it starts to (really!) feel like fall, and Halloween is right around the corner! That’s certainly exciting, but it can also be, well, nerve-wracking. You know the drill: Figuring out what you’ll be, and then tracking down the perfect costume. It should be fun...unfortunately, it's not always stress-free! That's why we asked readers to let us know--not just what they dressed up as last year, but how they created their own costumes! Check out the October/November Oddz 'n Endz for the inspiring "A Homemade Halloween." Thirteen-year-old Kayla, a former Discovery Girl who is featured in this issue's Oddz 'n Endz, was a doctor last year. "Every year, my aunt Lupita gives lends me a set of medical scrubs, and each year they're a different color." Kayla says. "I also get to use her stethoscope, blood-pressure kit, and name tag." We asked Kalya for more Halloween costume tips. Here’s what she had to say: 'My costume is not only free, but real!' Kayla says"The best costumes are often those people wear every day, like employment uniforms worn by your own family members, neighbors, or friends of the family. Not only can provide you with the complete outfit, but they can also give you the scoop on what you actually do if you have that job. That really helps you get into character! Another way to find the best costumes is at garage sales. Since costumes are only worn one day out of the year and kids quickly grow out of them, they often make their way to the garage sale table. Not only can you find great, spooky, and original outfits, the prices are perfect. (In other words, you won't have to spend a lot!) The trick is to start looking early and throughout the year, not just in October. Thrift stores are also great places to find costumes, where many of them are still in their bags, unopened! And if you fail to find the costume you want, look around in the uniform section. They may offer complete outfits such as medical scrubs, city uniforms, ball gowns, cowboy apparel, and great accessories. And you can’t beat those prices!" Thanks, Kayla! Now, we want to hear from you. Have you ever made your own Halloween costume? And what are you planning to be this year? Let us know in comments to this post!