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I decided to apply to be a Discovery Girl because I wanted to help inspire other girls all around the world. In the different issues of DG, I was always fascinated by how these girls could come together to help create something so wonderful—and I really wanted to be a part of that! I also wanted to be chosen because I love to make new friends.

I had never applied for anything like this before, but I really wanted to try.  I asked my mom if I could apply to be a Discovery Girl, and she said "yes." I was thrilled!  I love to write, and I started on my questionnaire right away! I stayed optimistic on my chances of being chosen while waiting. I knew there were thousands of applicants, but I had poured my heart and soul into the questions.  I gave it everything I had.

I spent about four weeks working on my questionnaire. There was a wide variety of questions—some about your hobbies and what you want to be when you grow up and others were more personal and took courage to respond to. After I finished typing up the questionnaire, I slowly dragged the mouse over to the "send" button and clicked. I felt anxious and thrilled at the same exact time!

At 7:30 one morning, I was getting ready to go walk the dogs (I have a dog walking business) when my mom called me over. She smiled really big and told me that I had an email. The look on her face told me everything that I needed to know. I raced to the computer with my hand shaking. I read the email and started to scream with happiness. I then ran around the house yelling like a maniac while jumping up and down. I bet there wasn't a single person within ten miles who couldn't hear my shouts of pure joy!

To prepare for the Summit, I reread every DG magazine that I had and looked at the previous DG web diaries to learn about their experiences. The DG staff sent our writing assignments, and I worked on the assignments right away. My mom took me to Starbucks, and I spent almost the entire day writing! It was super fun. My mom also got me my first half and half latte! We also went shopping for clothes to wear at the Summit. I had a blast trying on new outfits while spending time with my mom.

It was Valentine's Day when I was at the airport. I took a picture in front of a giant heart!

The trip to California was amazing, fun and crazy at the same time. The time change made the hours go backwards so it felt like the longest day ever!

I had an awesome time with Anna, Emma, Mandelena, Leah and Vivienne.

It was an incredible experience meeting all the other girls from the U.S. and Canada. We all became friends so quickly. Each and every girl there was amazing. Everyone was super kind as well.  One thing that surprised me was that all the girls were going through changes and could relate to each other's problems. In no time at all, we felt like we had known each other for years. I will never forget the many friends I made at the Summit!

At the Summit, I learned how to be a better leader, how to resolve conflicts with friends and family, and also how to love myself and to be confident with my body.  I learned that girls can do anything they set their mind to. My thinking was changed as well.  I learned to be more confident and that I can do anything that I work hard for.

This is a dress that some of the Discovery Girls and I designed!

May/June 2017

This is a web exclusive from May/June 2017.

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