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I got my first issue of DG when I was six, and I have wanted to be one of the Discovery Girls ever since! I have always been kind of shy, so I'd never even thought of applying to become one, but one day I was looking through my DG magazines and realized that I was the oldest you could be to apply for DG, so I decided, "Why not try my luck?" I got online, and realized that the due date was in only a few days, so I quickly typed up the application and sent it in. I hoped for the best, but I wasn't confident that I would be one of the stronger applicants.

Then, a few months later, when I was in my room practicing on my drum kit,  my mom called me back to her room. She said she had something to tell me. I wasn't sure if I was in trouble, something had happened, or if she had good news— so I was really nervous! My mom said she had just gotten off the phone with Discovery Girls... and that I was going to be one! I had the biggest smile on my face and I screamed with joy louder than I probably had ever before. I ran to tell my little brother, and I think he might have been even more excited than I was!

I have always loved to pack for trips, so I started planning what I would wear for my shoot and activity right away. I think I would have packed my entire closet if my mom hadn't stopped me! It wasn't a long flight, but it was nice for me to have the special time alone with my mom. It's very dry where I live, so I remember being amazed at how much rain, how many trees, and how much grass was in Northern California!

I was so excited to meet girls from all over the country and from Canada! One of my favorite memories about the shoot was learning about the different  lifestyles in other states and countries! I met a girl from Canada, and asked if they really had bagged milk. For some reason, we always talk about that in my school and I wanted to know if it was true. She said she wasn't sure, so we asked her mom. It turned out they had bagged milk when SHE was a kid, and she remembered the special pitchers they used to pour it out! We hit it off after that, and we are still friends.

At the Summit, I had so much fun crafting with the other girls. I designed a backpack that I made myself from scraps of fabric, and I helped everyone else make bags too. I even sewed a dress for another girl! All of the girls at my activity were so nice, and we all became great friends and even went out to eat sushi together! I am still friends with all of the girls and we all talk every day on a group text!

May/June 2017

This is a web exclusive from May/June 2017.

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