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When I first started reading the magazine, I immediately fell in love. In the first few issues I got, I saw ads for the 2014 summit. I was too late to apply for that one, so I waited until I saw an ad for the next summit. I thought that I could be a good role model for other girls and I knew it was my last year because I was 12, so next year I’d be too old to apply. I knew my chances were very slim, but I thought that with enough effort, maybe I had a chance!

Easy Questions…and Hard Ones, Too

I spent about four months on my questionnaire. After I finished my homework each night, I would work on it a little. I really enjoyed writing my questionnaire. Some of the questions were easy to answer, like when it asked about my passions. Others were much harder, when it asked what I would change if I went back in time. I submitted it just a few hours before the deadline. Afterward, I felt really happy and nervous at the same time. I was so proud of the work I had done, but I knew that I couldn’t change it now. It was up to Discovery Girls.

I had just gone to a two-night mini sleep away camp with my sister and some friends. After we were picked up, we went out for ice cream. As we got back in the car my mom said, “Maeve, I got an email from Discovery Girls while you were at camp saying you are going to be in the magazine!” I started freaking out, saying “Oh my gosh” basically the entire way home. A little bit into the trip I asked to see the email. My mom handed me her phone, and even though I don’t like to read in the car, I read the entire thing twice. My grandma was at our house when we got home and I ran out of the car, finally letting all the excitement out. I screamed and jumped on my suitcase as I told her the news. It was so exciting!

The summit was many months away when I found out, so I didn’t think much about outfits or props until about a month before the summit. My mom and I went shopping for new clothes. I wanted to find something that described me and that I felt comfortable in. I finally chose an outfit that looked nice, but was also comfortable. It was fun to test outfits and find the perfect one. I re-read all of my old Discovery Girls magazines and looked at every web diary. I was so excited to see my face in the magazine and on the web site!

The Trip to California

My mom and I left for California on Valentine’s Day. We woke up at about 4:30 in the morning for a 6:30 a.m. flight. Because we left so early, we got to see the sunrise in Connecticut and in Chicago, when our first flight landed. When we got to San Francisco, it was only a little after lunch time in California, so we checked into the hotel, got some lunch, and walked around by pier 39.  We went to bed at about 5:30 California time! The next day we took a bus tour to the Muir Woods and got to see the redwoods and the California coast. We checked out of our hotel and drove to where the summit was being held. 

It was the most amazing experience meeting all the other girls. It was so cool how different we were, yet we had so much in common! When we first got to the summit, girls went around trying to guess names and asking where we were from. We shared stories and talked about our interests. I was a little nervous at first, but mostly I was super excited and I got over my nervousness quickly after meeting the other girls and seeing how nice they were. I was surprised how we just immediately clicked and formed unbreakable bonds. 

So Different, Yet So Alike

Even though we are all so different, there is so much that we have in common! In group discussions, we talked about everything from friendship to popularity to family to boys. Talking about these things made me realize that even though we may live across the country, we all are going through the same things.

There were so many funny moments at the Summit—I can’t remember a time when we weren’t laughing. At dinner the first night, Elena, Clara, Meghan, Rachel, Vivienne, and I were sitting together. We were talking and laughing about everything! We decided to form a mini group. We called it Rainbow Alpacas. It was so funny! On time, Leah and I were having our picture taken and we could not stop laughing! The photographer told us we were smiling too big, but that only made us laugh more!

A lot of funny things happened during our behind the scenes photo shoot, too. We had been eating popcorn and throwing it into our mouths, so we started throwing the popcorn at the photographer as well! When we were doing face masks, I was putting some on Allison. Instead of actually putting it on her face the right way, I doodled on her face and drew a heart on her forehead. When we left the room to wash the masks off, the other girls stared at us because we looked so funny. We were laughing so hard the entire time!

I will always remember the amazing girls I met there, all our inside jokes, and all the things I learned from them. I will remember all their amazing and unique personalities, and how beautiful they are in every way. I will always remember all the people that put together the summit and how hard they work. I will never forget the entire experience and all the amazing people I met. 

November/December 2016

This is a web exclusive from November/December 2016.

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