Leah's Web Diary

I really wanted to be in the magazine, so when I saw the page about applying, I thought, “Why not give it a try?” I didn’t think I would be chosen, though.

I spent from the time I first saw the questions all the way to the deadline on the questionnaire—about three months! I like answering questions so it was fun, and the questions were great. They were really detailed (in a good way).

 So Surprised, I Fell Off My Chair!

I didn’t hear from them for a long time, so I was sure I didn’t get in. But then one day, I got an email from DG. I thought it was going to be about subscribing to the magazine. When I read it, I literally screamed and fell off my chair. My mom and dad came rushing in, because they thought I was hurt. I said to my parents “Look, look. I got into the magazine, I got into the magazine.” I was so happy.

I started thinking about outfits to bring. I picked my profile outfit by thinking what I usually wear, and what I feel comfortable in. I ended up choosing leggings and a flannel shirt.

Out of the Cold...into Warm Sunshine!

The weather where I live is cold for six months of the year, and hot for the other six months. In February (when the Summit was held) it was cold. I am definitely more of a warm weather person than a cold weather person. It was a little weird because when I got onto one plane the weather outside was cold, but when I got off the second plane the weather was hot and sunny.

I’ve never met 32 girls in one day, but I did at the DG Summit, and it was a nice feeling. I made lot of new friends very quickly! Every girl was different. No one tried to fit in—we all just kind of found our little friendships. The friends I made love me for the way I am, not the way they want me to be.

The Best Time of My Life

I will remember everything from the Summit. It was a great experience. The girls there are now like my second family!

I enjoyed every moment. One funny thing happened on the last night. Many of the girls, including me, gave Justen (the amazing chef, and good friend) a “makeover” with nail polish. He looked very beautiful after that.

I learned a lot in just three days. It was the best time of my life. 

November/December 2016

This is a web exclusive from November/December 2016.

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