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My dad went on a trip to Washington DC and came back with a magazine I had never seen before: Discovery Girls. I loved it instantly. One day, I started to flip through my newest issue and noticed that I could enter to be a Discovery Girl. I went on the website and decided that I really wanted to apply. 

It took me 3 weeks to finish my application. The questions were really deep and I had to think hard to answer them, but I tried to do my best. After I submitted my application, I felt so excited, and I really hoped I would get in!


A Surprise Email

One morning, I picked up my mom’s phone and was flipping through her pictures when I noticed a photo of one of her e-mails. It said, “Your daughter Kiana sent us an application and we have exciting news for her! Call me at this number!” I asked my mom what that was about and she started to video me. I kept asking her why she was videoing, and she kept on saying she didn’t know. Finally she told me that I got in, and I was going to California! She said she had taken a picture of the email while I was sleeping and that she’d already called DG. I was so excited that I screamed!

The trip to California was very long. It took five hours to get to L.A., and an hour to get to Monterey from there! I slept through both plane rides!

Deep Discussions with New Friends

Meeting the girls was so fun and exciting! It was nice finding out about everyone’s personality. It surprised me how fast we became friends! We were suddenly all best friends, like we’d already known each other for a long time.

During the discussions, we talked about kindness and how to be kind. We all had something to say and it was interesting to hear the other girls’ perspectives. I got some ideas of acts of kindness that I could use at my school, and I learned that even if you do something small, it can make a big difference to someone else. You can change the world no matter how small you are.

Something funny happened while my group was waiting to be photographed. My group was the first one to be photographed in the studio, so we didn’t know each other that well yet. We were waiting for Ayla, and we saw someone we thought was her. We ran to her and said “Hi, Ayla!” The girl looked at us really strangely, and then we realized she wasn’t even part of DG! We had the wrong girl!

It was so exciting when I got my copies of “my” issue! It was so much fun to see how everyone’s profile pages had turned out. There was one little thing I wish was different, though—I wish there were pictures of me surfing, because that’s one of my favorite sports now. Here’s a picture of me boogie boarding!

I will always remember the 35 new friends I made, and I will always stay in touch with them. If you want to be a Discovery Girl, you should try out, too. You might just make it!

If you want to be a Discovery Girl, you should try out, too. You might just make it!

April/May 2016

This is a web exclusive from April/May 2016.

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