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It had been about a year since I had started reading Discovery Girls when I applied. When I saw the ad for the 2016 Leadership Summit, I decided immediately that I wanted to apply. I mean, how cool would it be to be in a magazine, even though I doubted they would choose me over thousands of other girls?!  It took me close to two months working on my questionnaire. The first was spent writing the first draft, and the second was spent editing and procrastinating. (I put the pro in procrastination!) It was kind of hard getting started, but I had fun doing it, and I’m glad I spent so long on it. This way, I had time to really think about my answers and make sure they were absolutely perfect!

After I had finally submitted it, it was hard to not think about it 24/7. Did I have any typos or grammatical errors? Did I miss a question, or misread a question and answer it wrong?  Eventually, I stopped worrying about it and stuck it in the back of my mind. I was getting ready for a summer day camp, while my mom was checking her email. I was jumping up and down screaming when she told me that I was asked to join the Summit. I even woke up my little sister! I was so excited, I couldn’t contain my smile all day. Despite my excitement, I only told a few of my best friends.

When it was finally time to go to California, I had that feeling in your stomach like the one on the first day of school. That sensation when you’re nervous, excited, and eager all rolled into one. I hadn’t been on an airplane in a while, and planes are not my favorite mode of transportation. But once I was in California, all the nervousness washed away. It was so pretty in San Francisco...there were even palm trees! They do not grow anywhere near New England, and it was so cool to see them in real life, as opposed to a photograph.

Then all the nervousness reappeared when it was time for the Summit, but of course, I had nothing to worry about! All of the girls were super nice and friendly, and we were friends almost instantly. It was so cool to meet so many girls from so many different places with so many different experiences, talents and interests! I learned about other states, countries and cultures through this experience. I will never ever forget any of the friends I made at DG! The best part of the Summit was meeting all of the amazing people. If you are thinking about applying for next year’s summit, you should definitely go for it! You never know if you’ll get in or not if you don’t try!


March/April 2017

This is a web exclusive from March/April 2017.

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