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I applied to be a Discovery Girl for multiple reasons, but the biggest reason is that I love the whole concept of the magazine and how it's created by girls to empower all girls. I thought, I could be one of those girls! And how cool to meet girls from all over Canada and the United States! I've loved DG since my very first issue. I was hooked. I didn't really expect to be chosen since there were so many girls who applied each year, but I still hoped for an exciting outcome, which I got!

I spent a few days on my application, since I'm a fast and avid writer. I enjoyed it so much! The questions were the fun sort of deep thinking ones that let you delve deeper into things you don't really wonder about too often. I loved the variety...the questions were well thought out and fun. I felt proud when I submitted my questionnaire.

It was almost 11pm and I was in bed one night when my Mom came up and told me to come downstairs. I wondered what was going on! I thought something was wrong...but then she showed me an email on her computer saying that I had been chosen to be a Discovery Girl! I was ecstatic, proud, happy, and overwhelmed! I was bouncing up and down as I went back to bed, wondering how I would sleep that night!

Meeting the girls was the most amazing opportunity ever, and the Summit was just incredible. I learned a lot about my favorite magazine and what it takes to put together each issue...and I also learned a lot about myself and friendship. Sitting and talking with the other girls was an amazing experience in and of itself. These girls were so incredible and accepted you without question. You could just be yourself without fear of being judged or ridiculed. It made me realize a lot about being a leader and made me more comfortable with myself. All in all, the Summit was definitely an experience worth waiting for! 

January/February 2017

This is a web exclusive from January/February 2017.

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