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I bought a subscription to Discovery Girls out of curiosity. When I got my first issue, I loved reading about the featured girls and wished that I could be in the magazine too. While reading, I stumbled upon an ad for the Summit, and it was like a wish come true. It was amazing to have even the opportunity to travel to California, meet other girls, work on leadership, writing and communication skills, and be featured in a magazine. I mean, what’s not to like? The next day, after working up my courage to ask, I got permission from my mom to apply. Over and over, I tried to remind myself that my chances of being chosen were small, and I shouldn’t get to excited...but as I sat down to write my first sentence in my questionnaire, I was full of hope!

Serious and Silly!

I worked on my questionnaire for four months. At first, I worked nonstop, fueled by excitement. Some of the questions were serious and some were more lighthearted. I liked the questions, and it was surprisingly the more silly ones that forced me to be more thoughtful! When there was nothing left to do but click submit, I had a sudden flash of nerves! What if DG didn’t like my writing? Surprisingly, I felt relieved when I was finished, because my work was done and now everything was in the hands of the DG staff.

After the fateful day when I found out I'd been accepted, Summit preparation started immediately. We booked our flight to San Jose, and realized that I'd miss two days of school. We were given pictures of the other girls, and I tried my best to remember their names!


The night before we flew to San Jose, I felt like I'd just consumed ten energy bars and fifteen sugar cubes. I was so exited that I had to remind myself to breath in and out until I fell asleep! The next morning, my dad and my sister escorted us to the airport, and waved their goodbyes as we passed through security. When we landed, I wanted to run straight off the plane! Closing my eyes, I smiled, relishing being in California!

Time to Meet the Girls

I discovered a pool and lounge area at the hotel, where some of the other girls were lounging. As soon as I entered they started asking me a questions like my name, age, and state. Whenever a new girl found our retreat, we’d bombard her with the same questions. Joking and asking get-to-know-you questions used up our free time all to fast. At 3:o’clock we headed upstairs for a sort of orientation. Everywhere, girls were arriving. I recognized many of their faces from the pictures I'd been sent. They were slightly nervous but within minutes we were laughing and talking like old friends. I was surprised by their similarity to me. I’d expected them to be “perfect” girls, the kind who were of a rare species. But, in fact they were a lot like me, normal girls with kind smiles.

Anything is Possible!

The Summit made me feel good about myself. To be selected for such an opportunity made me feel like I was special, and I think every girl deserves to feel like that. I struggle with shyness in school, and the Summit made me feel like I didn’t have to be that girl anymore. The fact that someone who could usually fly under the radar can be in a magazine made me realize that anything is possible!

To be a Discovery Girl, you don't have to look like a model, have a lot of money, friends, or be “perfect.” DG wants to see real people! My fellow Discovery Girls are my some of my closest friends and we talk daily. Being a Discovery Girl is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you should make the most out of every moment!

January/February 2017

This is a web exclusive from January/February 2017.

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