Sunscreen on a Cloudy Day?

Q: Do I really need sunscreen on a cloudy day? A: We know it sounds crazy, but you really do need sunscreen on a cloudy day! Why? Up to 80% of the sun's rays are still reaching your skin, even when the sun is hidden by clouds. In fact, the sun's rays can get to you through clouds, smog, haze, even glass! And those rays can get through your clothes, too! Crazy, huh? That's why it's so important to lather up with sunscreen every single day. It might seem like a lot to handle now, but we promise it will pay off in the long run. Taking good care of your skin at a young age is one of the absolute best things you can do for your body! And it's easy, so why not? Just look for a daily facial moisturizer that also includes an SPF of 15 or higher, and you're all set!


ok, i'll put sunscreen every single day now...after all, it's my skin that will benefit from me taking good care of it!
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i won't put it on THAT MUCH. maybe just every couple days. i have a busy life u no!

Wow, thanks, DG!!! I never knew that. That's probably how I end up getting burned and I don't even know when it happened, because I wasn't in the sun directly. Thanks!
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I get out tomorrow!!!!!!! Can't wait for summer vacation!!!

I get out on friday! ur luckey!

i got out 2day and it was a hlaf day. ;))

I got out last Friday. It was also a half-day!

Wow, guys, I got out like two weeks ago on May 26th. Guess it pays to live in Colorado sometimes! Enjoy your summer! :)
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i got out two weeks ago

I get out on the 29th! SOOO far away!

Yeah, I got out today too, and it was a half day also!! Hahaha that's funny! (June 9th)

i get out on june 23!

I got out on May 27 cuz we have no snow days!

I got out on the 29th of may.
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I got out on the 26th of May. Summertime! -Faithful77

I got out on June 4th

That's really awesome thanks DG! Here's something I found out. They sell sunscreen that if the radition rays are really strong the bottle turns blue! That way you know when to put on sunscreen!

i thought sunscreen was only for sunny days i was wrong!
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That's a neat fact. I never thought about putting on sunscreen on a cloudy day.Well now I am totally going to put it on more often now.
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Even though I can't get out that much I really loved this advice! I did know that sun rays can pass through fog, etc. and on clothes but not on glasses!

My cousin advised me to apply sunscreen on a cloudy day but I thought it was silly then I read it in a magazine and now I am reading it here.Thannx 4 the advice DG.I apply a moisturizer with and SPF 15 on regular days and when its too sunny and warm I put some strong sunscreen lotion. I believe that we must wear non-sticky sunscreen.

Thank's DG I never knew that!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really never thought of that! :-) Like I said I usually don't get sunburns but just in case I wear sunscreen. I like to play outside on cloudy days. I rarely do it when it's raining. Sunscreen Everyday! -Faithful77

That is SO weird but I for sure needed sunscreen on today. We had a skipathon at school and my class were hosting it! I had to skip and do a REALLY long and painful warm up. For 3 HOURS!
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When I was in school(i'm homeschooled now) my teacher said that you should wear sunscreen in the winter! I think it's kind of silly but the sun light can get through the coulds and your clothes.
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I never really knew that, but I also heard there's such thing as a 'cloud burn'! Is that the same thing?
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It's a hot to put on sunscreen for summer i got of school on May 27. It's not hot on a cloudy day.

Yesterday i went to the pool, and it was really cloudy where i live. it even started to sprinkle while we were there! but my mom called my brother and i into her bathroom for suncreen, and my brother was like, but it isn't even sunny so we don't need sunscreen. mom put suncreen on us anyway.!
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Last summer it was really super cloudy & you could not even see the sun at all so my family had no sunscreen on. We all got severely burnt.lesson learned!!!

u really need 2 put on sunscreen cuz people diz dayz get dieases nd da get sun burns

I wear sunscreen every day, even if it is snowing or raining. Even now I have a few brown specks on my nose!
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Yesterday here in mn it was rainin and there was so much clouds in the sky but my friend still got sun burnt!
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I had no clue!I quess that is why i get such a horrible sunburn all the time!!

even when it rains, the sun still hits ya and could give ya CANCER. not good

That is NOT really true. You could still get skin cancer even if you are wearing sunscreen. My friend's dad got skin cancer and his dad ALWAYS had sunscreen on. Skin Cancer doesn't just go to the people who aren't wearing sunscreen. Lots of people get skin cancer for lots of different reasons.

i am, like, super pale, and i never tan, and always burn. i really don't want to get skin cancer, so i am going to put on sunscreen every day, cloudy or not. even in the winter!!!

i heard that there is no such thing as a SPF over 30. 30 is the highest u can get!!! Crazy,right!?!? so, don't waste your money(maybe) on SPF 100 when u can get the same SPF when u get SPF 30!!!

I use SPF 50, and it works! I think SPF 50 is stronger. Just my opinion!

I definitley agree with DG. My teacher and my parents say my skin can burn 100% when it's cloudy, rainy, or sunny. So everyday, even on a cloudy day, I still put sunscreen on- even though it's almost summer! Here's some advice: If you feel something burning (or a little hot) on your skin and it's a cloudy day, you have a better chance of getting burnt! Put on some sunscreen everyday to help protect you from the sun. If anyone needs some advice about sunscreen reply and ask me!

Well, my mom is terrified that I will get skin cancer, plus I don't tan, I burn, so all my life I've had sunscreen every day! Be sure to wait before going in the water so the sunscreen doesn't just wash off you, though! Well, who knew she could be right?

I has no idea that sun rays could go through your clothes and clouds!!!!!!!

should you go with your mom to a place you use to go when you was a kid or go with a friend to the mall?

What state do all ya'll live in, I live in Washington.. Oh, and it neva stopz rainin!
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I really had no clue!
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Wow! Can you even get burnt in the winter?

is it really that easy to get all A

I usually only get sunburned when I'm in my swimsuit, but one time I was in the sun with my swimsuit and I had put sunscreen on. The thing was, I never reapplied it, and my legs and shoulders were burnt SOOO badly. It really hurt! But then the sunburn on my legs turned into a tan. It was weird. Honestly, I don't see why people think tans are so cool. I don't think they're any more attractive than your natural skin color, and you can get skin cancer!

i dont think you use sunscreen on a cloudy day

i hardly ever use sunscreen! besides, my skin never really burns, just reddens of tans!
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no, thats not right. you should put sunscreen on, reddening skin is still bad
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