Snack Tips for Girls on the Go!

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You have no time between school, soccer practice, and piano lessons to sit down and have a meal, but you’re starving and need a quick snack to keep up your energy. What's a girl to do? Here’s a list of healthy snacks for busy girls just like you! 1. Fruit Fruit is Mother Nature’s own pre-packaged snack! You don’t have to pack it up or put it in a bag, which makes fruit easy to grab on the go. Throw a banana, apple, peach or an orange in your bag before you leave the house in the morning and you’ll have a perfect after-school snack. 2. Trail Mix Grab a bag of trail mix for an awesome salty and sweet snack. The mixture of nuts, raisins, and chocolate will satisfy all your different cravings, and the protein from the nuts will help keep you full until dinner. Just aim for one that isn’t totally full of candy! 3. Celery & Peanut Butter Now that they have peanut butter in handy smaller sizes, grab some portable PB and a baggie full of celery sticks for a healthy, filling snack. If you aren’t a celery fan, grab some whole-wheat crackers and spread them with the peanut butter instead.