Snack Tips for Girls on the Go!

You have no time between school, soccer practice, and piano lessons to sit down and have a meal, but you’re starving and need a quick snack to keep up your energy. What's a girl to do? Here’s a list of healthy snacks for busy girls just like you! 1. Fruit Fruit is Mother Nature’s own pre-packaged snack! You don’t have to pack it up or put it in a bag, which makes fruit easy to grab on the go. Throw a banana, apple, peach or an orange in your bag before you leave the house in the morning and you’ll have a perfect after-school snack. 2. Trail Mix Grab a bag of trail mix for an awesome salty and sweet snack. The mixture of nuts, raisins, and chocolate will satisfy all your different cravings, and the protein from the nuts will help keep you full until dinner. Just aim for one that isn’t totally full of candy! 3. Celery & Peanut Butter Now that they have peanut butter in handy smaller sizes, grab some portable PB and a baggie full of celery sticks for a healthy, filling snack. If you aren’t a celery fan, grab some whole-wheat crackers and spread them with the peanut butter instead.


well i don't really like nuts but i do like of fruit strawberries !!! if not strawberries then grapes !! press the like utton if you like or the reply button to put a comment!!

the 100 calorie snacks only have like 7 crackers in it!
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7 crackers is all you need before you do a class. You don't want to be too full.
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thanks 4 the comment !

They are soooo good! And the perfect amount!

Thats exactly what I usually have on the run but I also have granola bars
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yeah we always have tons of those. Now my mother started buying these fruit leathers- Archer Farms you can get them at Target, and they're organic and really good, but they're tiny ( 1/2 an ounce)!
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I buy Fruit Leathers at Trader Joe's.

We shop at Trader Joe's too! I saw Fruit Leathers there but I have no idea what they are! Are they tasty? Aren't they like fruit roll-ups but organic?
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Those r soooooooooooo gooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah,I used to grab trail mix with M&Ms and a mini Sprite for snak time!

I love snacks! Probably too much, actually. My problem is once I eat a snack, I feel hungrier, not fuller! So I keep eating snacks, which can up to four! Any tips on how to counteract this?

I love snacks to although chances are you don't really get hungrier you're tastebuds just want more of the good taste so you think you're hungrier or you just notice your hunger more. (This happens to me alot too) there isn't much I can tell you exept limit yourself. When you come home from school and want a snack before dinner decide what you want and stick to it so you still have room at dinner time. I know you probably already knew that much so sorry for the big long blab lol, Enigma

me too! i love munching on stuff! sometimes I get a little in a bowl and ask my mom to make sure i don't get any more! also, stretch out your snacking over a half hour. if u do this, ur not gonna b so hungry.

Me too.I have the same problem!What to do?!

I know im always craving stuff like pretzels and cheetos but i tell my mom to just buy granola bars and pita chips and hummus cuz that is deeeeliiiciioous but still healthy.

You just made me super! ☺

Fruit and peanut butter with celery sticks are really yummy. I like trail mix, but I don't really like dried fruits. That's why I don't eat it many times. Here are some other healthy but yummy snacks to try: 1. Lightly salted nuts (one kind or assorted) 2. Hummus with pita bread 3. Crackers and cheese

Yeah,they make trail mix with m&ms chocolate like all kinds of nuts and M&Ms and I'd add a mini Sprite bottle to them and Voila! A delicious snack!

i really like veggies and hummus. it's tasty and healthy! i also like fruit parfaits. just get some vanilla yogurt, berries, and granola. mix together and it's yum!
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Right now,I'm eating hazelnuts and cranberrys,doing homework,and writing this to ya cuz I'm on my break!

I crave snacks like trail mix all the time, but my mom and dad won't buy it! :-{

Thanks guys I'll try it I live in a caldasack and am home schooled - jog up and down the street b4 all the niebor kids get home?? When I'm hungry I eat that's what I dont get, and it's not like I go to the bathroom alot! I have 1a day teen advantage, would that help? OR make me spring into action on puberty do you think? Please answer. I also have a puppy any ideas or things that you do with your dog?

Great! Thanks!

sounds delicious! i love peanut butter and celery
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