Small Vs. Tall

Both of my best friends are way taller than me. I know I’m still growing, but I was just wondering if there’s anything that would make me taller quickly? I don’t like being short!

Sick of Being Short


We’re sorry, but there’s no secret potion that will make you grow! But not to worry…just because your friends are taller than you now doesn’t mean they always will be! Everyone grows at her own pace, so give yourself time. For now, focus on eating right so you get all the vitamins and nutrients your growing body needs. Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night and exercising regularly are also super important while your body is developing (and afterwards too)! It’s never too early to start these good habits. Another tip…stand up straight! Good posture will give you an instant height boost!


yeah, my older sister used to be way shorter than her two best friends a couple years ago. now shes the tallest!

Dont worry Im also kind of short but i can see that im s-l-o-w-l-y growing taller.

You well grow

Thats just like me! ALL my friends r taller than me!

A lot of my friends are taller than me too! I am even older than a lot of them. I wish there were some way to become taller, but there isn't! i take ballet and it is hard to get the correct posture, but it will make you a bit taller.

i take ballet too!!!! do you compete in the ballet division or anything???
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I totally relate to her. A lot of my friends are taller than me. My best friend is really tall so it always makes me feel (Really) short. But there is a better way to think of it, Your not short they are just very tall. Lol it kinda helps though

im taller than most of my friends.
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Well,I think I am average height for my age !

Yeah its tough, happy 4th!
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I feel total opposite! Most of my best friends except one are actually short so I always feel akward being tall.
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Even my BFF is shorter than me!

i have 5 best friends and 4 of them are really short and im like 5 foot 4 so i feel akward

i think i am about average height for girls my age and i have a friend that is SUPER tall
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I hate being tall! I wish I could be smaller, but nobody's perfect.

I agree with you! I am fourteen and am 5feet 11 inches tall. And btw: I love your screen name Twilight is my fav! Jacob is attractive but Edward is so romantic!

I'm like so tall i'm 5'2 and 11!all of my friends are 11 or 12 and i'm taller than them everbody actually!

I'm TEN and 5'3. I like it, just a few inches gone would help
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I'm five three and a half and I just finished fifth grade!

I'm not really short. Did you know being smaller makes you more flexible? I wish I was small!
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I am already five feet and three and a half inches tall, and I only just finished fifth grade!

My friends are way taller than me. I wish I was tall as them. I'm not different than them, though. I guess they're just taller than me. We are still BFF's!

I feel so bad because I was held back and now I am so much taller than everyone else (even the boys). It's not so fun being the giant though.
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I'm tall and I like it! Athletic you makes fun tall life. Dance or volleyball, I reccomend. Soccer also, duh, my username.. Soccer is my passion and giant skills are good,. HOPE I HELPED

You know, they are right. I have a friend that is was way taller than me, but now I am taller. Some girls just grow sooner!

Well, for me, it's okay being short because that's just the way you are. I'm not tall but just wait for the right time for you to grow. Be patient! Don't mind your other best friends. Being the way that you are is more fine.

I am not really tall. But it really doesn't matter i love all my friends no matter if their tall or not!! <3

I am tallest out of all my friends, and in my summer dance class! The person who teaches dance is 17 and i am about 3 inches taller! I am the youngest of my friends, but I tower above them.

Vis Versa! Im really tall! Im a dancer so it comes in handy but if you want to get tall take ballet. Rumor has it, it makes you taller and your posture straighter so you look taller!

I am 11 and i am almost as tall as my mom! I took ballet a few years ago and it did seem like i had a growth spurt or something after that but even before i took dance i was tall!

My birthdays tomorrow and I turn 10. Im almost as tall as my mom too. My friend takes ballet but shes kind of short. I wanna take ballet. It sounds awesome!!!! :)

u totally should!!!!!!! ballet is awesome!!! i have been in it since i was 4!!!
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I'm very tall, and one of my BFFS is small, so it's kinds funny to stand next to her and i'm like a giant. LOL, but don't worry you will grow in no time!
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We where all born to stand out. you were born a little shorter than your friends but that makes you different. And being different is OK:)

everybody grows at there own pace so, just keep a heathey diet and lifestyle you'll be fine.
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I'm not tall but i'm not short. My parents say i'm tall but compared to my old classmates, i'm shorter than most of them.

i am 5,3 but i still look short compared to the other girls in my grade. one is already 6,1 because of her tall dad!

It's weird, at my old school, I was on the taller side of most of the girls. But at my new school, I'm like super short! O.o
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every 1 develps at her one pace.

I am super tall and it is very annoying because i'm looking down at 7th and 8th graders. i am second tallest in my group of friends.

You are right im am very short sometimes I do fell like the third wheel

My neighbor who is retired was always the shortest in all her school years and she told me that at her first high school reunion, she was the tallest one there! So wait, im short too and in a blink of an eye we will be the tallest kids around!

Im kind of short and kind of tall. I grow fast sometimes. Im almost as tall as my BFF and my mom. My BFF is one of the tallest kids in my class. :)

My BFF is short. It doesn't bother me that she is short. She is still fun to be around. It doesn't matter if your short, just be a great friend. That's all that matters in a friendship.

Tall And that is true
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That's me and Lenah!!! :) I'm a middle height so I don't really have that problem

I am the tallest one in my grade, all legs too (the boys don't count because they are all about 4 feet tall) and I am proud of it, I know that everyone will catch up soon and even then I love being tall, it is so much better than being the shortest one :D

Same here! I love being tall because i"m really good at dance and I could easily be a model!! :]

Me and my BFFS are different heights and its ok nobody should make fun of your size . it actually gives you advandages to be short.
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Whether you're short or tall you have advantages (and disadvantages) with either one. For example, if you are small you can fit into really small spaces (which is great for hide and seek) and if you're tall you get picked first in sports. If you try to find the positives instead of the negatives, I am sure you will be much happier.


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