Healthy Slumber Party Snacks!


If you’ re planning the biggest, best slumber party of all time - you obviously need great snacks! Feed all of your hungry friends with these healthy yet yummy snacks at your next big bash.
With flavors from movie theatre butter to sweet kettle corn to cheesy cheddar, you’re sure to find a favorite for everyone. Pop a few different bags, put them in big bowls and turn on your favorite movie. You can’t have a slumber party without popcorn!
Have mom help you before the big party to make a batch of Jell-O in your favorite flavor, since it needs to be refrigerated for a few hours before serving. With a dollop of whipped cream on top, Jell-O makes a perfect sweet dessert!
Fruit Kebabs
Cut up pieces of fruit (with your parent’s help of course!) to make fruit kebabs. Put small pieces of strawberries, pineapple, apples, grapes and melon onto bamboo skewers that your friends can easily grab. You can always serve them with a yummy fruit dip, too!


These look good! Bu why am I always one of the first to comment lol?
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I know i'm always the first to send a comment first too!

On recent ones and older one from like April I was too!

Yeah the only prob with first comments is people never read the first ones!
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ya i totally feel the same way.
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Everything looks good. Especially the fruit kebabs.....

You can have more then that like this lady made granola and that was good. Pretzels w/peanut butter and raisins is pretty good.

That looks delicious!

i never had a slumber party before, but if i have one i will make these YUMMY and healthy snacks!

you have never had a sleepover.

Well I have, but not a sleepover PARTY. I have had 1 person over a few times.

i love sleepovers i just got back from a sleepover!!!!

some smoothies are always good to

Ooh! Whipped cream sounds really good on jello! How did I never think of that before? Thanks for the good idea!

im the first comment least i think...

these all sound yummy plus i didnt know that jello was healthy but cool!

Oh man now I'm hungry! :-)
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that sounds GOOD! Awesome! I love cheesy popcorn.

Frozen Yogurt is also a good healthy alternative. Try making fro yo sundaes with fro yo, chocolate syrup, and light whipped cream.
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That is a healthy alternative. Good idea! :-)

I LOVE frozen yogurt!

I love Frozen Yogurt. It tastes better than ice cream to me.

ha ha, by me in my neighborhood, every Tuesday is buy 1 get 1 free
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if you put yogurt whips in the freezer it turns into frozen yogurt!!!

Another great snack is chess cake. The cake is only about as big as a batch of brownies.

Yeah, brownies are awesome. crispy on the edges and gooey in the center. =D
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brownies and chess cake. that is the stuff!!!

omg.. u r making me sooooooooooooooo hungry

At the sleepovers I go to, we usually have popcorn and put on a movie. Adding just a pinch of salt goes a long way if you're making this snack from plain kernels. I think I want to try the fruit kabobs. They look so tasty! Since most fruits are seasonal, you'll always find new fruits to keep this snack fun and fresh!

first comment!!! awesome

1. Watch a movie like My Girl,The Legend of Cryin Ryan,The Buttercream Gang,Flicka 2,Open Season 2,and The Last Song 2. You could eat pizza,popcorn,jello,fruit kebabs,chess cake,and Veggie Chips 3. Make a quiz for everyone 4. Make everyone tell there crushes and why they love them 5. Play games like mash and truth or dare 6. have everyone bring a flashlight for flashlight tag 7. If you have a treehouse or clubhouse sleep out there. I am allowed for friends and I to outside because my clubhouse is basically a miniuture house 8. have a fashion show.

There's a Last Song 2?
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She could have meant 'and the last song, too,'

that is what i meant!!!!!!!!
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Yay I was right!!!

u r the winner!!!

This looks pretty tasty!

Hey, I love ur tips

hey! oreo cream is SO E Z!!!! take oreos and take OUT the filling. then just smash them up and add them to whip cream! its my fave sundae topping!!!♥
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I like all those snacks but sadly i can't eat popcorn cuz i have braces. Sometimes at sleepovers i slip some though because everyone else is eating and enjoying it.

Ooohhh,when I have a slumber party I want to serve these swell treats and chocolate chip cookies AND this cool pretzel recipe I have!Also,not to mention pop(well, soda. Check out my profile.)and smoothies!(I know half of these treats I want to make are unhealthy but those are some of the delicious beauties in sleepovers!)

I love sleepovers! The fruit kebabs don't sound that bad. I forget how you change ur face on this....

I had a slumber party. And this article made it a success! TY so MUCH DG!:)

MAN! That popcorn looks so good!But i cant eat popcorn because i got my braces on the 14th of this october! I am going to be a bumble bee for this halloween!

Instead of buying unhealthy cheese-dust coated popcorn thats just NOT natural, heat up plain popcorn in the microwave and then sprinkle fresh grated cheese on it. It gets a fresher, nicer taste too. Yum! If you have a really sweet tooth, dip the fruit kebab in melted chocolate for a extra chocolate spin on the fruit. This will put a yummier spin on the classic slumber party snacks!
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I have a sleepover on monday. I think the fruit kabobs are a great idea.Plus, the popcorn peace out

This sounds great! I'll be sure to try the recipes at my next party.

I love popcorn lightly sprinkled with Parmesan cheese

The fruit kobobs sound great. Candied popcorn is really good too. All you do is get flavoring, food coloring, water, and powdered sugar put them in a pan all mixed together then heat on medium heat until the temperature is to 225 degrees farenheit. Make sure not to cook it too long. Once it gets to 225 degrees slowly pour over plain popcorn and mix together. Just let it cool down for a bit then its ready to eat!!


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