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If you could start your own club what kind would you start and why? Write an essay about your club idea (500 words or less) to enter the Baby-Sitters Club Contest you could win a $200 gift certificate or a signed copy of The Baby-Sitters Club: The Summer Before! Click here for more details. And, of course, make sure you let us know what kind of club you'd start by commenting below!
We just wrapped up our summer fashion shoot and noticed something: Plaid is still in...not only on shirts and shorts but shoes, too! We weren't able to include any of these super-cute shoes in the fashion spread (June/July issue), but we wanted to share them with you anyway! So would you rock these and wear 'em this summer? We know we would! Check out the fashion feature in the upcoming June/July issue!


Ten lucky readers will win their very own copies of Daring to Dream, the first book in of the Wildwood Stables series, a new book series all about a girl’s love for horses. Enter now! You only have a few more days before the deadline!
Whether your stress is caused by a big test, an important dance recital, or a bully at school, how you deal with stress can make a big difference in how you feel. Here are three ideas to help you manage your stress so you can be your best! 1. Exercise! Turn on your favorite song and dance. Go for a walk. Just get moving! 2. Take Slow, Deep Breaths. Focus on your inhale and exhale. Fill and empty your lungs completely. 3. Talk about It. Tell someone you trust that you’re feeling stressed. Sometimes just talking to someone can put things into perspective and help you feel better. What do you do when you’re stressed?
To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Discovery Girls magazine, we’re looking for 10 great role models for girls. We want to find girls that exemplify everything we stand for here at Discovery Girls. Our ideal role model is not a perfect girl, but a girl who works hard every day to become more confident and resilient. To apply, you must get your parent’s permission, fill out our questionnaire, and get it to us no later than July 26, 2010. Once we have all of your questionnaires, Discovery Girls editors will choose 30 finalists—girls that we think are great role models! Then, we'll ask our readers to vote to choose the 10 winners! We’ll fly the 10 winners to California for a photo shoot, and they’ll be featured in an upcoming issue of Discovery Girls magazine. They’ll even have a chance to be on the cover! Visit to enter!
Q: Is it true eating chocolate will make my face breakout? I hope not because I love chocolate! A: Great news for chocolate lovers everywhere…after tons of research, doctors have said this is a definite myth! There is no connection between eating chocolate and acne! (But if you rub it all over your face that might be a different story…) There actually isn’t a connection between eating any particular food and breaking out, but there is a connection between a healthy diet and clear skin. So always eat sweets in moderation and load up your plates with the healthy stuff, like fresh fruit and veggies, and always drinks lots of water. Chocolate lovers rejoice!
Congratulations to our Ultimate Mom and Daughter Contest winners, Deidre and Carrie Smith! We love that Deidre and Carrie, who live in Pennsylvania, wake up 15 minutes early just so they can enjoy a few extra minutes reading together. They also read together before bed. Deidre says, “Of course we get carried away sometimes and Daddy reminds us that someone needs their sleep!”
It’s amazing how much having a positive attitude can impact everything you do positively! Being upbeat and confident can help you to make friends, perform better on the soccer field, and make you feel happier overall! How can you be more positive even when things aren’t going so well? One easy way is to imagine what you want to happen and voice it as if it were true. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say out loud (or think to yourself if you’re in a public place): “I am confident!” "I make friends easily!” “I am a great student!” “I am _____ (fill in the blank)!” Even if it doesn’t feel true in the moment, it might begin to shift your way of thinking. Share your positive statements in the comments below.
It’s Friday!—the beginning of what's certain to be a fun-filled weekend! It’s time to let your hair down and enjoy life. What could be more enjoyable than sharing a laugh with friends? In the comment section below, share your favorite joke with us!
At the Discovery Girls office, one of the things we like to do most is look through pictures of girls getting to know each other and having a great time! We also have a lot of fun writing creative captions that describe what's happening in those picture. We thought you might enjoy it, too! Can you write something witty or funny about the picture above? (Remember to be nice!) Leave your caption as a comment. We'll choose the one we like best and post it on the blog! Editor's Pick: We loved this caption by DG reader, Swimmergirl! Girl in light blue shirt: Keep looking fabulous girls were going to be in DG! Girl in dark blue tank: This pose can make anyone tried but I must do this for the good of DG. Girl in pink shirt: (in head) Must pretend to laugh.