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I get all sweaty and sticky when I’m outside playing, and then my hair looks bad and I spend the whole time trying to fix it! How do I get beautiful hair in a snap?

–Horrible Hair


For long or short hair, keep hair back and off your face with elastic headbands. You can get them in all sorts of colors to match your outfit, swimsuit, or uniform! Then, if your hair is long, pull it into a ponytail and you’re all set! Another great option for keeping hair off your neck is a messy bun. When playing sports or spending time outside, hair is going to get a little messed up, but with all the messy styles that are so in right now, you’re in luck!


THANK YOU SO MUCH! This helped a lot, I do gymnastics, and the hair that falls out of my ponytail, it's so much hair that i could just make two ponytails! Now i know that a bun with very strong elastics (because i have thick hair, and lots of it!), is a better choice. Thank you!

when I was in gymnastics I did a high pony,Then made a hole in the middle of my hair then pulled the pony through.

It is called a fliptail your right it is so easy!

thanks but would it stay? would the second ponytail just fall right out again? or would you push it so far that it would go under the elastic. Probably the second one right? :)

see i have short curly hair so my hair just get's big!!!
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Ha Ha I'm on a swim team so my hair is under a swim cap the whole time. :) But it looks totally wacked when I take the cap off!!!! LOL! :D

Lol :) I don't swim but my friends and cousins do so I know what their hair looks like when they take their swim cap off :)

I mostly have a hairband on almost everywhere I go!
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I love hairbands a lot too. They work. Use them! I get mine at Claire's.
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what you do is just put it up in a ponytail. I always do that and I look fine and besides it keeps the hair out of your eyes.

for my gym hair i just braid it down the side or put it in a side ponytail. i don't like ponytails down the back because i have a lot of long hair so it gets heavy after a while and makes my neck hurt.
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I have the same problem when I am in gym class. I use barettes. I also use headbands. A good tip is th wear your hair up everytime you have gym class in school. ~Alexis~

of course just after school [and gym, duh] were over i decided to cut my curly hair above my shoulders. it's just easier that way in the summer :)

THANK YOU this will be so helpful i have gone to so many websites, asked so many friends but nothing worked i know this will help.

I play softball, so I keep my hair in a ponytail.

You could put it in a braid! i always wear my hair in a braid. you can do 2 braids, or make a braid and tie it in a bun.

That really helps Thnx

Yeah, and if u sleep in a braid your hair won't get so many knots and it will be wavy the next morning.
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That is what i am might do in cheer tonight
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love cheering!!


Some girls' hair gets frizzy if they play a sport or go outside and to get rid of that, before you do your activity put your hair in a messy bun(buns are in style this season), clip your bangs back with bobby pins or clips or in a headband then put hairspray on your fingers and slick down your whole head even the bun(but not too much because it will look gross and greasy). HOPE I HELPED!!!!!!

i never have my hair down out side!

you cant get it that easy. But i would recomend the sprayable shampoo that take all the grease and frizz away. Its called pssst! sprayable shampoo. Look it up! Hoped this helped! XOXOX

you could put it in a dutch braid, thats what i always do. first you make a side parting on the right side of your hair, then take a three inch piece of hair on the right side of your head, separate it into three pieces of hair, first tuck right piece under middle, then left under middle, its just like a french braid exept instead of tucking the pieces over, you tuck them under
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I just got my hair cut for the summer because I had the same problem :D Gotta love short hair!!

I always have to put my hair in a pony when I do something outside!
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thnx for the tip, dg!! it really helps!!! :)

I play soccer and my hair is really long and it gets in the way when I ponytail it. But these tips helped!
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I do cheer, Dance and gymnastics and i have a bang so i can not put it in a hand band because it is to short so i put it in a pony and lots of bobby pins to keep my bang back and lot lot of hair spray

if you have a pool don't you dare put soap in a pool! but i would take a bath every cuple of nites.... think it this way: soap + water= clean

i would just wash my hair every nite and if you din't do that i would put it in a bun!

I think that a french of normal braid would be neat and clean. It will also help keep hair in place.. Thanks for those tips!!

i play soccer and i either wear my hair in a high pony, or in a high bun ( cause i don't like low buns) i am also very good at high buns because i do ballet, and i do my buns and my friends buns all the time. i am also a competitive swimmer so i wear my hair in a low ponytail or a high pony tail because its easier to get into my cap

I'm a swimmer too, and I have a question. How do you do races and win stuff? I know it's the swim team, but does your swim group do it? Because my teacher never even talks about racing.

I always put conditioner, and then in the morning either do a high side pony or bun.

keep it up when your outside and wash it frequently ( that is what i do)

my hair is curly. i DO NOT like my messy hair that much. i want strait hair so i won't spend much time brushing! too tangley

You could use a straightening iron and then hairspray maybe?

Try using a tangle spray my friend has curly hair and she uses spray. Works the best
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you should use a hair bean, as shown on t.v. It truly gets all the tangles out, and in no time your hair won't be as messy!

you could straighten it with a straightening iron and then put it in a tight hairstyle like a braid. that makes it easyeir to brush and do more hairstyles. hope i helped :D

i normally wear my hair in a braid or fish tail when i do sports like running and softball. when i swim i wear it in a very tight bun. if you have short hair that you have a hard time putting in a pony just wear a thick headband, which will stay back easily.

I think that even a low pony is okay because I have to put my helmet on.
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butiful hair in 6 steps: 1. wet your hair. 2.dry your hair. 3. brush your hair. yourself! do a french braid for example. 5.decorate for personality if your'e a nature gal you'll love it! 6. enjoy!

i was wondering that same question! thank you DG! i finally found my answer! love DG 4ever!

I just got my hair cut and bangs trimmed so the only thing I can do is put a headband in.

When ever i play sports or sit in my class my hair gets really really frizzy and starts to get nots. What can i do to prvent that?
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just brush your hair out in the bathroom

What i'd do is if you have time before class go to the bathroom or into the locker room and comb through your hair with a brush and maybe bring some hairspray and put a little in your hair. Put it in a bun or pony. Hope i helped!!! ~Lovevolleyball~


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