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I wanted to be a Discovery Girl for numerous reasons. I love everything that the magazine stands for. I like how well it relates to our age group. I like learning about different girls every other month. I like the overall positivity of the magazine and how real girls are in it. Overall, I wanted to spread my message and be recognized by so many girls that it was possible to make an inspiring difference!

Second Time's a Charm!

When I found out about the Summit, I immediately wanted to apply. (I actually applied to the Summit twice!) The first time, I didn't get in...but I didn't give up. When I saw the news for the new Summit, I thought, "Why not?" II secretly wanted to get in, but I thought my chances were really low. I mean, I did get knocked down once before and I knew by the number of girls commenting that there were so many of us aching to get in. I definitely thought I wouldn't get in, so I tried to encourage the girls in the comments section, who I thought we're dealing with the same anxiety I was. It turns out that those girls were super friendly, and in the end, I made it!

Questions, Questions

I thought about the questionnaire all the time and how I could word my answers the best. I ended up just writing from the heart and letting my thoughts spill onto the page. That way if I was chosen, I would be chosen for the real me. It probably took me a couple months, but since I thought I had no chance of getting in, I didn't keep track. I enjoyed writing the questionnaire. I enjoy writing in general and talking about myself, so this was very fun.

When I found out about being chosen as a Discovery Girl, I decided to keep it on the down-low and surprise my friends when I left for California. When that day did come, my friends were so excited and so happy for me! At first they didn't believe me, but then they were so ecstatic. They wanted to know every detail of what happened before, during, and after the Summit!

Seeing California was so cool, but the girls were definitely the best part. Meeting the girls was hands down the best experience ever. Each girl was so different. Everyone was so beautiful, inside and out. I loved seeing everyone's style and learning about the different states and countries. (In Canada, string cheese is called cheese weird!) All the girls were so surprising. Just by looking at them, it was really hard to tell their attitudes. I was so surprised how much I related to all the girls, and how they were all so amazing.

I learned so much from the Summit. A lot of the advice that was given from girl to girl really changed my thinking. They gave me new ways of looking at life and the experience was just so wonderful.

We're ALL Discovery Girls!

Summit or not, you are a Discovery Girl! By being a good person, by being creative, courageous, kind, inspiring, and aspiring, you are a Discovery Girl. The Summit girls were simply the girls chosen to represent the DG community. A community you are a part of. The Summit was one of the best experiences, but you don't need to fly to California to be a Discovery Girl. You already are one. 

January/February 2017

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