Fun sleepover ideas!

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Call up the girls and kick off your weekend with an awesome sleepover! Here are some fun ideas to make the night a success:


  • Backyard Campout - Set up a tent and have everyone bring their sleeping bags, warm clothes, and the scariest ghost stories they know! If your parents say it's okay, you could even get a campfire going and toast some marshmallows! 
  • Krazy for Karaoke - Sing it girl! Put on your own private concert with your friends, and everyone gets to show their star power! If you're feeling creative, you could even have a little award ceremony at the end with sparkling apple cider (but make sure there's a fun award for everyone!).
  • Movie Marathon - Your favorite flicks, lots of popcorn, and your friends - what more could a girl want?! Either take turns deciding what movie is on, or all agree on a series you could watch, like Harry Potter or all the Ice Age movies. 
  • Marvelous Makeovers - Get out the mud masks and curlers... it's time to get gorgeous! You can help each other paint your nails, teach your friends how to french braid, or have fun experimenting with crazy new hairstyles! Have a healthy snack for this sleepover, like veggies and dip, or fruit smoothies!

Do's & Don'ts:

  • DO ask your parents first, keep it to a small group, and clean up after yourselves!
  • DON'T force sleepyheads to stay awake, don't play games that lead to embarrassment, and don't play tricks on the first one asleep. You do not want any of your friends to feel uncomfortable at your sleepover!


Do you have any great sleepover ideas to share?! 

Post them in the comments!


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