Fun sleepover ideas!

Call up the girls and kick off your weekend with an awesome sleepover! Here are some fun ideas to make the night a success:


  • Backyard Campout - Set up a tent and have everyone bring their sleeping bags, warm clothes, and the scariest ghost stories they know! If your parents say it's okay, you could even get a campfire going and toast some marshmallows! 
  • Krazy for Karaoke - Sing it girl! Put on your own private concert with your friends, and everyone gets to show their star power! If you're feeling creative, you could even have a little award ceremony at the end with sparkling apple cider (but make sure there's a fun award for everyone!).
  • Movie Marathon - Your favorite flicks, lots of popcorn, and your friends - what more could a girl want?! Either take turns deciding what movie is on, or all agree on a series you could watch, like Harry Potter or all the Ice Age movies. 
  • Marvelous Makeovers - Get out the mud masks and curlers... it's time to get gorgeous! You can help each other paint your nails, teach your friends how to french braid, or have fun experimenting with crazy new hairstyles! Have a healthy snack for this sleepover, like veggies and dip, or fruit smoothies!

Do's & Don'ts:

  • DO ask your parents first, keep it to a small group, and clean up after yourselves!
  • DON'T force sleepyheads to stay awake, don't play games that lead to embarrassment, and don't play tricks on the first one asleep. You do not want any of your friends to feel uncomfortable at your sleepover!


Do you have any great sleepover ideas to share?! 

Post them in the comments!


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My sleepover idea is to play Just Dance 4. It is really fun and can be great exercise too.

I did that over spring break. That was a great idea to share pink225!
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Those were some great ideas!! My favorite sleepover activity is dancing. We usually play loud music from speakers, and we sing and dance and stuff. It's tons of fun!!
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most of these ideas are great! i'm wanting to have a sleep over on my birthday, too! ~ Cisy

maybe you could have some kind of contest. or you could play games you can make up, or tell scary stories, ( i know it was mentioned, but i dont realy have great ideas! ) or you can,like it said, have a campout sleep over. ~ CiSy
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An at home spa can be really fun at sleepovers! You and your freinds can do a face mask, manicure, pedicure, massages, hair styling, makeovers, and make your own lip gloss. You need a tiny container, Vaseline, and two Pixy Stix for everyone. First you put some Vaseline inside a tiny container, then you put two different flavored Pixy Stix in the container. Finally you mix the Vaseline and Pixy Stix real good, then put some on you lips. To make a face mask, you need to mix some oatmeal, plain yogurt, and honey together. Then you need to smear it on your face. Put a cucumber on your eyes, and then relax for 10 minutes. When your 10 minutes are over, you need to wash off your face mask and see how shiney your face is. For the manicure and pedicure, put out some different color nail polish (be sure to include glitter and clear), nail polish remover, cotton swabs, and nail art stickers. Let your friends pick out whatever color they want. If you accidently used a color you don't want or made a smudge, don't panic. Put a few drop of nail polish remover on a cotton swab, then you wipe your nail until the polish comes off. My advice for a shiny manicure or pedicure is two put a clear coat over your nails after you painted it. That would add some shine to your nails. If your nail polish is too sticky, don't worry. Just add a few drops of nail polish remover inside the bottle, now shake the little bottle. Now your nail polish won't be so sticky anymore. When you are painting your nails, remember to only paint one or two layers. Oh, I totally forgot, before you paint your nails, you need to clip and trim your nails, file it, buff it, brush your nails with a nail brush, and get all the dirt out from under you nails, then soak them in a tub of water for five minutes. That will keep your nails clean and soft, and will keep the polish from chipping. Now for the massage, you and your friends can form a line and give each other shoulder massages, after five minutes, the first person in line will have to go to the back of the line so that everyone will have a chance to have their shoulders massaged. For the hair styling, everyone will have a partner, you and your partner can style each other's hair by braiding, adding accessories, twisting, and many more! Just be careful not to pull or tangle your partner's hair. If your mom lets you do hair spray, then spread out a towel, and let your friend choose which color of hair spray they want, have a pair of goggles to keep your eyes from getting hair spray in them, and keep the door open so that the smell will stay out of your room. Then do a fashion show, in the middle of the hall way and show off your fabulous new look. Your family can be the audience and watch the show. Be sure to have some music on. For the party favors, give each of your guests a small gift bag filled with a hair brush, a small bottle of nail polish, a bath fizzer, sunglasses, a headband, a bracelet, a tube of lip gloss, a ring, and a nail polish. A spa slumber party would be a sleepover that you and your friends can remember forever!

Thanks for the idea!! I love your comments, and also your username! <3:-)

I know this is off topic but I just wanted to thank you for being so supportive of me and being a great friend. I'd also like to thank Dolphingurl101 and SugarGirl101. You guys are awesome!

Lol me and my friend did this over Spring Break! It was fun!
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That is the best idea ever thanx

OMG that sounds like a ton of fun!!!!!!!!!!!
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Coolio Idea!!!! Sounds like soo much fun and I want to try that now!!

I wanted to come up with a sleepover idea that is fun and you and your friends can enjoy! An at home spa is also really fun at birthday parties too!

Wow, you have a ton of likes on this comment! You deserve it, because it is very helpful! 15 LIKES!!!! I think that's the most I've ever seen on this website. Congratulations! :D Maybe by the time this comment is posted there will be even more. - Lydia

Yep, now there are 16! Your really good at giving advice! - Lydia
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Candy night!!!!! Yeah at school you and your friends aren't allowed to have candy but at home you can! Just get tons of candy and put it in bowls. Then have your friends make a candy mountain! That would be awesome!

you could make your own candy too!

OMG! So I did a combination of the both last year for my Bday! So first we did makeup and curled and straightened our hair and put eye shadow. I was a daredevil so I had my bff do it to me blindfolded. I looked like a clown but I kept it on anyways. Then we did our nails and did a singing thing. We had a bunch of kareoke songs burned on a CD so we each got turns standing on our table and dancing and singing. We had one throphy for the winner and halarious ribbons. We had a great time!

Is this the real Bella and Zendaya?? Can we be cyber bffs!! I love you guys!!!

It would be cool if they are the real bella and Zendaya I want to be cyber BFF's too!

I'd love to be your cyber friend because you seem so amazing! But no I'm not actually Bella and Zendaya. But I hope we can still be friends♥
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You are my very first cyber BFF!!! I don't really care that you aren't the real Bella and Zendaya, I like you for you, and that's all that really matters! thanks again for being my Cyber BFF!!! MMA

So cool!


i love the movie marathon and the backyard campout. i'll suggest it to my friends at our next sleepover! thanks

This is soooo awesome advice DG!! I really wanted this type of advice cuz on my bday this summer I want to have a slumber party with friends and I needed ideas!(: You can also take your friends before the sleepover to a shop, or the pool!(: Also any other ideas from you girls for my slumber party? Cuz I want my sleepover the best my friends ever been too. Thanks!(:

Hey again Katie, this is SummerSwimmer. I replied on your last comment about being cyber bff's. I will totally be your cyber bff, Katie! And OMG this summer I am having MY slumber party for my birthday and we are going to the pool before! Great minds think alike! You sound totally awesome! Are you 13?

Awww thanks, I'm so glad we are friends!(: Yes I'm 13!(: Oh that's so cool that we both are having slumber parties in the summer!!! Your the best cyber BFF a girl can ever have!(:

Katie, you really made my day! I am so glad you replied! I am 13 too and in seventh grade. Love, SummerSwimmer

Thank you sooo much!! Your comment made me smile!:D That's so awesome, I'm also in seventh grade!(: What's your favorite color? Mine's purple!(: You go girl!

Mine is blue (aqua blue) but I also like purple and green. Sorry it is taking me so long to reply to everything! I really enjoy talking to you, it's really fun! I saw on your profile that you live in Ilonois (not sure how to spell that lol) and I live in Pennsylvania which is either four or five states away. Right now the weather is VERY HOT and I am excited because summer is going to be here before we know it! Summer is my favorite season. :D Reply back and love ya!

Thanks summerswimmer sooo much!! I also really enjoy talking to you!!! Oh that's cool you live in Pennslivyna!! And it would be one of my best days ever meeting you!!!:D I love summer too! Right know it's breezy and cold, and I can't wait for summer either!(: Luv you too!<3 btw it's ok for the late reply, lots of girls including me do that!(: Cybet besties for ever!(:
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You can't imagine how much I want to meet you! Oh my word, that would be so exciting! XOXOXOXOXOXOX Cyber Best Friend Forever
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Thanks Lydia!!! Talking to u means to world to me!!! Without u is like world without oxygen!! Omg ur the best and forever will be!!
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Lol I am constintly told that I talk A LOT and it is scientificly impossible for me to be quiet, but what you just told me I am for once in my life: speechless. That meant SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You forever will be the best friend ever! - Lydia

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I totally consider u as one of my best friends!!! Your comment made me smile SO MUCH!!! Thank you Lydia for EVERYTHING!!!
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I had a horrible day today at school, but your comment made me feel truely ecstatic! It's nice to know that there is somebody out there who really cares and likes me for who I am. :DDDD - Lydia

Aww I'm so sorry, you shouldn't be treated like this!!! Be strong Lydia, u can make it!!! It can be hard, I know, but u'll make it!=) I've gone through hard times too, everyone has. Just keep ur head high!=) Thanks! Luv u, and good luck!
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Awww thanks, Katie! You are very helpful! Your so inspirational! You truely made me happy, and the problem I am going through is almost over! Thank you! - Lydia :)

Thanks DG!!! This is SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!:-):-);-)<3<3<3:-):-);-)

First you buy some cheep make up from your local dollar store. Then at the sleep over one person gets blindfolded (that person will give the make-over) while the other one gets the make-over! It is so fun! Some other ideas are you can paint nails,or you can dress up and sing into hair brushes. You can draw a picture of your friend once with your eyes closed and then again with your eyes open to see the difference! You can also watch chick-flicks and CRY YOUR EYES OUT! If you are a tom-boy. You can play glow in the dark foot ball! you take a glow stick,make it glow and toss it around outside! (safety glasses strongly advised.) You can also make up you own sport idea's and play them! or just play board games. or watch sports on TV! or your fav TV shows! Just make sure that your friend likes that show too!

Awesome ideas!
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I'm going to try the football game! Nice idea :)
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Tell me how it turns out!!!!
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Say, you really like this movie/show but your friend is not allowed to watch it or does not like it watch something else that you both enjoy! You both want to have fun! So do stuff that you both are aloud to do! Ohhh!!!! You can also run around in the store with PJS on,singing or dancing all around the store! Try to make it as goofy as possible!

That sound super funny and awesome, I'm gonna try that!

That sounds great! You could also try a dinner party, make your own pizza party, a baking party, a dance party and a maybe even a video game party. C: the choice is all yours.

Ok so first, you'll need a lot of nail polishes (all different colors of course!). Next, you and your friends need to sit in a circle. Pick a random color, spin it and whoever it points to, that person has to paint one of there nails that color! You'll have funky nails! All your nails will be different colors!

Did this at my sleepovr and it was a lot of fun :)


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