Friday Funnies: Knock Knock!

DG: Knock Knock! You: Who's there?! DG: Orange! You: Orange, who? DG: Orange you glad we didn't forget about Friday Funnies this week? For today's Friday Funnies, share your favorite knock-knock joke with us!


I don't have a favorite knock knock joke!

ok no offense, but knock knock jokes r kinda of lame ;), but if i think of any ill post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you don't like knock knock jokes?!?!!! They are all that are good in the world!!!!!!!!

She just doesn't have a favorite, that doesn't mean she doesn't like them!

no i just think theyre lame I mean what is up with all the banana knock knocks the only one which i find hilarious is the interupting cow 1, sobibithebeauty12 i guess thats my fav!!!!

knock knock who's there? boo boo who? haha I made you cry! okay, I know lots of riddles but not really any knock knock jokes!

ohhhh I LOVE riddles please post some I love trying to figure out puzzling things!

Q:what kind of summer shoes do frogs wear? A:open TOAD shoes! Q:you have 4 apples in a bag. you give your 4 friends equal amounts and have exactly 1 apple left. how? A:you have another apple that isn't in the bag! Q:you are the driver. ashley, anna, and katie get on the bus. what is the driver's name? A:your name-YOU are the driver! one last one: Q:multiply 5x4x25x7x0x100. without using a calculator,what do you get? A:0-anything times 0 equals 0!
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Me:Knock Knock! Friend:Who`s there? Me:Interupting Cow Friend:Interupting C... Me:Mooooo! (I interupted my friend!)

Knock-Knock Who's There? Cows Say Cows Say Who? No, Cows Say Moo! I Know a lot of you have heard this one before so you can just fake-laugh. LOL

actually, I've NEVER heard THAT one before!! here's another one like the interrupting cow joke...: Me: Knock knock You: Who's there? Me: Interrupting clam You: Interrupting clam who? Me: .... .... .... ..... ..... .... *silence* (the joke is over) lol it's a lot funnier when it is said not typed. i promise!

That's really funny, but everyone make sure you've told the interrupting cow joke first!!!

me: Knock Knock you: who's there? me: interrupting cow you: interrupti-- me: MOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

That is a great cow joke!!! I love cows lol. I have an awesome cow joke but it is not knock knock.

i already know the interuptting cow joke

ok...even though its not a knock knoch joke u should tell us anyways!

k so... There was a young cow and she went up to her mom and said, "Why is my name rosebud?" and she replied, "because when you were born a rosebud fell on your head." Then Rosebud's sister came up and said , "why is my name daisy?" The mom replied, "Well when you were born a daisy fell on your head." Then the third cow said "huhhhhhhhhwwwwww" and the mom replied, "Shhhhhh Cynderblock" lol

that is so funny!!! good one!

I know I love it lol. Considering you are the only one on here that likes it I beleive we are the only people on this sight that have good humor lol.

I like that joke, too! I just didn't see it until now!


Why thank you! lol

it was supposed to be inturrupted cheese but that one was alright !

The one I always hear is interrupting cow....

I have heard that one before, and it is my fav joke!!!!!!!! Thx for putting it on here!

I really like how they do all these fun things!

me too!! it's so cool!! and funziez!!

Knock Knock Who's there? Woo Woo who? Oh I didnt know this was an owl's house! Knock Knock Who's there Boo Boo who Aw dont cry it was just a joke!

Faithful77: Knock Knock! You: Who's there? Faithful77: Sarah You: Sarah who? Faithful77: Sarah doctor in the house? Knock Jokes are okay... -Faithful77 (P.S. It's suppose to be "Is there a doctor in the house?" But Sarah kinda sounds like it when you say it fast so...)

that's awesome!! and yeah!! it does really sound like "is there a doctor in the house"...even if I don't say it fast! that's an awesome joke!! i've never heard it before! ^_^ <3twilighsparklz

I've already posted my knock-knock joke but DG I was thinking for another idea for the friday funnies you could have the funniest time naybody ever have shopping, I think we could do this because I'm sure lot's of girls have funny shopping moments. thx! and please use my idea.

knock knock who's there? radio radio who? radio or not here I come!

What's white and black, but read alover ? (this one is easy!) Answer: a newspaper How can you spell eighty with only two letters? Answer : a, t what is yours , but others use it alot more that you do ? answer: your name HOPEYOU LIKED THEM !! :):)

well actually in my grade theres 3 other ppl with the same name as me, so i end up using it a lot 2:) B.B=me B.L B.W B.C

Two of my friends initials are: BRB and MVP!!
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Does mvp happen to be good at sports? lol
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if any of your names are 'katie' you can spell your name with two letters: k, t!! if you create a certain screename on anywhere but wanna use your name you can use 'kt'

Okay, earlier I said SillyBandz are pointless but I just got a pack and I LOVE THEM! I went to Borders Bookstore and got them and a DG Magazine. I LOVE bracelets so I LOVE my SillyBandz!

What are sillybandz they sound pleasing lol

I love sillybandz! I have a ton - they are awesome!

hey, guys, not that i dont enjoy talking about sillybands, but that is kind of random considering that we are supposed to be doing jokes! p.s. sillybands rock!!!!!!!lol=D

i have a pack of sillybandz too!

Sillybandz are these shaped rubber bands that come in lots of shapes and colors.

they're like jelly bands only when u take them off the make a shape. there's A LOT of shapes u can i saw a complicated one in the shape of a fairy. i love sillybanz but i only have 1. [its in the shape of a heart.] my cousin gave it to me cuz she had like 30.

i dont have this one but my fav is the peace sign

silly bandz r like rubber bands but they take a shape of stuff. there r giraffes and dollar signs and pretty much anything. but if u wear to many on yr wrist it could cut off circulation. this happened to someone in my class and they had 2 go 2 the hospital.

Silly Bandz are bracelets that are shapes. When you where it, you don't see the shape, when you take it off, it goes back to shape. (I have eight , My favorite one my flamigo! :) )

where did you get a flamingo?

i have a lot i ;ike the flamingo too :]

they are colorful rubber bands and when you take them off they look like things like trees or fish or something. i wear them on my wrists


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