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It is no longer uncool to be a DORK thanks to Nikki Maxwell in the new book series Dork Diaries! Nikki Maxwell might not have a new iPhone or a seat at the popular girls’ table, but she’s one funny chick and a pretty talented artist. OK, so maybe at first she wasn’t super excited to find out her back-to-school present was a diary and not a cell phone, but this diary ends up being the perfect place for Nikki to embrace her inner dork and truly tell it (middle school drama) like it is! Have you ever had trouble fitting in at school? Tell us all about it! You’ll see that lots of other girls are going through exactly the same thing! And remember, standing out from the crowd is a GOOD thing! If you're an artistic type, like the book's heroine, you'll love the Dork Diaries widget. It lets you create your own cartoon! Click here to try it and embrace your inner DORK!