Creative Captions: Tree Hugger

Can you come up with a creative, funny, or witty way to describe what's happening in the picture below? Editor's Caption: We LOVE nature—literally! Please leave your caption as a comment!


Girl in brown and white shirt: Were hanging on to this tree so no one cut it down, the problem is no one wanted to cut it down in the first place. Girl in white a blue sweater: Don't worry no one will cut your down Mr.tree

girl in brown/white shirt : why are we hugging a tree? girl in striped shirt : it's national hug a tree day silly.

haha, how do u get a pic for yuor name?

what? i'm sorry. i don't know what you're saying.

I think it looks like two best friends either nature lovers or huor lovers.They might be trying to get a laugh or get people to love nature it could be either one!

the girl in the stripe shirt loves the tree the girl in the brown and white shirt is just here for the cameras

Both girls: Oh great tree we will save and love you forever. Girl in brown shirt: For giving us air to breathe you deserve a hug. Girl in blue and white sweater: Yes you do!!! PEACE!!! :-)
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WE LOVE U MR TREE! WE L---ow! it poked me!'re #6.
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well that's akward...

Brown and White Sweater: This tree is ours, and no one will cut it down! Blue and White Sweater: We love you, Mr.Tree, and we will protect you from being cut down!

Girl in brown shirt: I will never, never ever let you be cut down. Girl in blue and white shirt: Yeah we love you.... I guess.... Hey, why are we hugging this tree?!? Girl in brown shirt: You are so not green!

Girl in brown and white outfit: (Giggle Giggle) "Why am I hugging a tree?" Girl in blue and white outfit: " Oh great gods of trees, thank you for inventing... well... trees! I love you!"

Dear DG editors, It is almost friday and that means a friday funny. Soooooo if you don't already have a suggestion, then here is my suggestion if you dont mind. Writ about the funniest thing that ever happened to you at a sleepover. I love this website and hope you consider my suggestion as a possibility if not this friday. Thank-You! <3 + peace! pianogal12<3 P.S. the 3 was supposed to be a heart incase you were wondering!

DG editors, I think her idea is great! could we please do this? theres SOO many funny things at a sleepover! good idea pianogal.
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brown shirt girl: If ur going to cut down this tree take me w/ it! blue shirt girl: god help me

Girl 1 (in striped sweater): "I just love nature!" Girl 2 (in cream jacket): "Are you sure I won't get sap in my hair?"

Girl in Blue: I love you tree! Girl in Brown: I you were going to give me a hug!

Such a cute picture, and funny captions Snowy! This was SUCH a creative way to share you're love for nature! Great idea Discovery Girls! -AlabamaRocks201

Cream Jacket-Can we go now? My feet hurt? Blue Striped Sweater-No! We love Bob! No one will cut him down! No no no!

OMG! I'm a tree hugger too! =)
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Girl in blue: we really ARE tree huggers! let's stay all day! Girl in brown: do I REALLY have to do that to get my picture taken?
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Girl in white: How long do we have to do this? Girl in blue: Um... about at the end of today which is earth day. white: Ohhhhhh blue: Gets her every time! = )
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Shhhhh! If you listen really close you can hear the ocean!

Girl in stripes: Oh, tree! Girl in brown: I think ants are on my arms! Can we PLEASE get off this now?

what you wrote was very cute !!! i loved it
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girl in white/brown shirt=hey! look a bird! girl in white/blue shirt=what,what!!!sshhhh!!! im in love with this tree it said it liked my eyes!!!aahhh sweet tree love!
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ok we're hugging a tree someone find us!
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Brown shirt girl: when you said "I love nature so much I could hug it I didn't know you were meant it!
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I think the caption should be: "Oh yeah, tree huggers rock!" If anyone likes or dislikes it, comment on it and let me know why.

Tree huggers like nature, the earth, and everything about it! Tree uggers are kewl.

Girl in blue~Dear Mr. Tree, I will not let you be cut down. I love you and I know that you love me. Girl in brown~O.K., how long do I have to stand here and do this?!?! My legs and arms hurt!! :/ Comment!! <3
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cool !

Girl on the Left: Save the tree!! Girl on the Right: I hope this isn't splinter wood.....

both girls: well this is kinda weird...

"Hey Bigfoot! We gave you a hug! How about one for us, huh good friend?"

Girl in brown shirt- "Nothing will come between us." Girl in striped sweater- "This tree has." Girl in brown shirt- "good point." (Continues to hug)

girl in bown/white: oooooookaywhy are we hugging a tree? girl in blue/white: It's Earth day and we love trees

girl in brown and white shirt: "do you think anybodys staring?" Girl in blue striped:"Who cares? I'm the lorax I speak for the trees!"
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gir on right: I love you tree!! isn't this tree so pretty? Girl on left: What?

Girl in striped shirt-"Don't worry Mr.Tree we won't let anyone cut you down!" girl in brown and white-"Why are you guys staring?We're saving a tree here!" DG Rox Peace=D

Girl (Brown Hair): Why are we hugging a tree? :S Girl (Blond Hair): I don't know... But the texture is so, so, textury!

hi tree our da tree

(i love you tree) girl with blond hair (home sweet home) girl with brown hair

girl in brown: i think a bug flew in my mouth!! girl in blue: just keep smiling!!

girl in blue shirt-don't ever leave me, Mr. Tree! girl in brown shirt- Well you don't have to worry about that, Mr. Tree can't move!
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brown shirt girl(I'm gonna call her Jess): has it ever ocurred to you that trees are mainly brown? blue and white shirt girl (calling her Cris): Well yes. Jess: I am going green in brown! Cris: Well I am too! In blue! Jess: um...ok? Cris: Ocean! Mr.Tree: Girls! going green isn't that hard! And every color is green! Jess: Not true! There's yellow, and purple.... Cris: Um hello you're talking to a tree!....A talking tree! Mr.Tree: Excuse me??? I am not just a tree, I have feelings! I am like you but I can't walk! Jess and Cris: Um why are we still hugging him?

you know guys maybe they look like they are helping it but they aren t just a way to say i love nature but you never know maybe after taking the picture they drew on 10 papers (made out from trees) and then through them but in both cases the comments and the pc. are really sweet :)

Don't mean 2 change the subject but i've only been a member 57 minutes and 17 seconds :)

"The bark is scraping my arms... but we still have to pose for the camera!!!!!"
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