Creative Captions: Sweet!

Can you come up with a funny and creative caption to describe this image? Editor's Caption: You dare me to eat this whole thing in one bite?!


I asked for chocoate jimmies can I please speak to the manager!
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Girl with orange headband "mmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate donut my favorite!!!! " Girl in red shirt:"Um are you sure you 're going to eat this?" Girl in white shirt:"Save me some!"

I like to scary my food before I eat it.

Girl in white (thinking): I don't even like dounuts, I'm just trying to drive them crazy!

This is the best looking donut I've had in years!

That's a funny picture! Who took it? Another friend? Your mom?

Those are the Discovery Girls of Massachusetts!

I personally like the editor's caption! haha lol!

girl in white and orange-My 1st trip to Dunkin Donuts! Yeah! middle girl-I can't believe you've never been to DUNKIN DONUTS!… last girl-I want to see you have your 1st bite of DD!

[evil laugh] im going to eat you!!!!! [evil laugh]!! ;)

girl with food: AHHH!!!!!! THERE IS A BUG ON MY FOOD!

UMH! This looks yummy!

Girl in Middle: That looks awesome! Can I have some? Girl with Donut: No way! AHHHHHHHH.... Girl in back (Thinking): I wonder if they know what I did to that... *smirk*

Middle: That's her sixteenth doughnut! Right: Kelly, you've already broken the record; please stop! Left: No, I'm sure the record says I need just one more!

Girl eating donut: Its like heaven with choclate icing!
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Girl on right "Forget 'where's the beef' from that old commercial, where's the bun?!" Girl in middle "If that's the main course, what's for desert?!" Girl on left "Am I supposed to eat this whole thing?"

Oh my gosh! I thought it was a burger! My comment probably makes no sence since it's a donut! SORRY!!!

Girls without donuts: NO! Take that thing away! The last thing she needs is more sugar! HURRY! Donut girl: mmm... chocolate ... sugar ... hyper... LOL

Donut Girl: Time for my daily supply of sugar! LOL
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girl with donut: i never had a chocolate donut before! at least not from DD girl in middle: i thought that was boston cream girl in back: i thought it was boston cream with chocolate!

Girl with black hair:She's not gonna eat it in one bite is she? Girl with brown hair:Stomach ache waiting to happen. Girl in orange headband:I don't care what you say im doin it!

Girl in Red: Wow! You must have one sweet tooth if you ordered THAT donut! Girl in Back thinking: I should've got one! Girl with Donut: All I can think about is CHOCOLATE!

WHOA!! This has chocolate!! I wouldn't expect THAT much frosting!!

Girl in orange: Sure, no problem! If it has chocolate im there!

girl with black hair: eat it! eat it! girl in red shirt: no! don't listen to her! I was gonna eat that! girl with orange: too late! it's going in my mouth!

Look at that burger's HUGE mouth. I wonder if I can open my mouth that big, too!

what burger...its a dougnut

its ok i thought it was a burger too

white and orange: whhhoooooaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! what is that????? ewww red: omg i have no idea! sorry but i wouldn't eat that if i were you! white and red: omg chill you guys....its just ewww never mind!!!!!! dont eat it dont eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girl 1 (in white & orange t-shirt): I'm starving! I'm going to eat this whole thing at once! Girl 2 (in red t-shirt): So inspiring. My turn to attempt eating and entire donut in one bite! Girl 2 (in white and pink t-shirt): Sign me up!

1st Girl in white: WOW! I would never expect donuts with frosting could talk!!!! Girl in red: wow! EAT IT! EATTTTTT ITTTT! 2nd girl in white: Oooo I luv this part! 1st girl in white: Here I go! Im going to eat it! Donut: NO! NOOO! NOOOO! PLZ DONT EAT ME! LOL :P

Hey if I do this in slow motion it will look REALLY cool! lol :p
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Chocolate! gimme gimme gimme!

Girl in orange and white:Ooh! They added extra frosting! I likey! Girls in the back: LUCKY! I wish I ordered that! :-) Creative Captions! -Faithful77

i thought it was a hamburger....oops....

girl in orange and white: Doughnuts need MUCH more chocolate frosting!!!!!! girl in red: oh!!! I thought it was the lack of sprinkles! girl in white and red: why can't I have normal friends?! girls in orage/white and red: HEY!!! girl in white and red: I still love you guys!!!
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Girl in Red: (whispers to girl in white and red) OMG! I just can't believe she's going to eat poop! Girl in White and Red: (whispers to girl in red) I know right? Let's tell her after she eats the WHOLE thing!! Girl in Red: I hope she won't get mad though... Girl in White and Orange: Yum, this looks delicious! But it needs some more chocolate!! (GULP) Girl in Red: Guess what you just did??!! Girl in White and Orange: What? Girl in Red and white: You ate poop!! Girl in Orange and White: You've gotta be kidding me. You're just dreamin' probably. Girl in Red: You did it! You ate poop!! Ha ha!! Girl in Orange and White: Why does it taste so good then? Girl in White and Red & Red: (giggles)
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That's Gross! A little funny though....

I would be TOTALLY mad, if my friends did that to me!

I'm going to take my first bite! oooooooooooohhhhhh that looks so good. um wheres the top bun?

It's a doughnut, they don't have top buns
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Girl in white and orange shirt: "Ahhh!!!! It's gonna eat me!!!!!"

Girl in orange and white: Ahhhhhh..... Girl in white and red: What is she doing? Girl in red: I think she is tring to make her mouth big enough for that WHOLE doughnut. Girl in white and red: Oh. I want one!

Donut: uh oh!!! Girl in white and orange: I am gonna eat you!!! Donut: i knew i shouldn't have climbed that beanstalk!! 2 many weird hungrey giants!!!
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girl in white: You don't really think you can eat the whole thing in one bit, do you? girl in the red: I think she going try! girl in orange: Here it goes!

girl in orange and white: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! girl in pink: WHAT?! girl in orange and white: there's a bug on my hamburger!!!!

White shirt:Commander, we have the prisoners held captive. Over and out! Red shirt: Gosh, are you crazy? White shirt: Haven't you ever heard of a walkie-talkie???

Girl In The Red Shirt: Eat It! Eat It! Girl In Orange and White: I am gonna eat it! Don't pressure me! Girl In White and Red: Oh My!


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