February is Black History Month

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Happy Birthday to all of our Discovery Girls who celebrated a Birthday in January and who are celebrating in February! To you and all the amazing things you do each day…keep up the good work! We wish you the best year yet…. Share with us your favorite Birthday moment.

February is Black History Month… It is a time to commemorate the achievements and contributions of African Americans. It is also called African-American History Month. The celebration and observation originated in 1926.

Fruits & Veggies and Flower of the month for February!
Oranges, Star Fruit, Calabaza Squash
Flower – Violet

What have you done this month to show your Kindness?

  • Did you make your Mom or Dad (or little sibling a Strawberry Smoothie?)
  • Help a new classmate or invite them to eat lunch with you?
  • What has someone done for you?

When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world. - Harold Kushner